Surface Pro 5 & Project Neon gets a mention on LinkedIn

It is almost a year now with Surface Pro 4, and with so many discounts being offered for the device, the next iteration should be around the corner. Surface Pro 5 will be no surprise, and but what Microsoft brings with it, is what everybody wants to know about. Why so much of expectation? A simple answer would be Creators Update.

Creators Update promises to bring VR support at a very affordable price. It is possible because the OS can handle it with its native Holographic support.  I am expecting Microsoft to put in depth sensors which can help capture 3D, and then let use in Paint 3D.  Also, it would be not surprised if Microsoft bundles a holographic set with SP5.

WalkingCat on Twitter spotted a mention of Surface Pro 5 in one of the linked profile, Toby Fitch (Product Designer 2 at Microsoft) which also had Project Neon, the design language Microsoft is working on, mentioned. Interesting to note that Microsoft mentions “devices of future”. This could be just a fancy or maybe Microsoft is planning for something special.

IMO, Microsoft should plan to change the design a bit. During CES 2017, and post that, we have seen some great design, especially from Lenovo. While Microsoft wants their devices to be suited for both business and home, a change in design is something everyone will appreciate.

The next expectation is about Hardware upgrade. Keeping in mind the VR support, Microsoft might put in a bit of upgrade in the specs if not more. I am kind of not much hyped about Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 unless Microsoft decides to do something major.  So if Microsoft just offers some minor upgrade, with VR headsets and few design tweaks, I won’t be surprised at all.

What are your expectation from Microsoft for Surface Book 2 and Surface pro 5? Let us know in the comments.

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