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AlarmME – Set up Alarm with Style on Windows Phone

While most of the Alarm apps stick to traditional scroll and select time, date and name when setting up the alarm, meet –AlarmME–a minimal look and feel alarm clock which does the job and its so beautifully designed that you would love to set more alarms with it. As you launch the app, you get to see a circular dial ...

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ZBand is a Silent Vibrating Wristband Alarm

Most of us use alarms on a daily basis to wake you up in the morning. But there might be many instances where you wanted to wake up early but without disturbing other people who are sleeping the same room. If you use the phone alarm or other watch alarms, the sound it produces causes disturbance to other people. Here ...

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Interval is an Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch for Windows Phone

Although Windows Phone does have a default Alarm application which allows you to set multiple alarms, it is pretty basic in nature. Interval is a new app for Windows Phone which includes alarms, timer and also a stopwatch function. With Interval, you can choose to create alarms based on your natural sleep cycles and be refreshed in the morning.  You ...

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