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How to Force Update Lumia 920 with Amber Update + GDR2

When it comes to getting the latest updates on Windows Phone, there are two kind of scenarios that have popped up. Either they are terribly delayed, or the latest updates come on the devices recently released and all old ones are left to wait. The same happened with Nokia Lumia Amber update that was announced at the launch of Lumia ...

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How to Force Install Windows Phone 7.8 Update

The Windows Phone 7.8 update which brings in some of the features of WP8 to first generation devices were rolled out yesterday and the process will continue till February. The update will be available for your unlocked phones depending on your location. So if you want to install the update, you need to connect your phone to Zune Software and ...

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Video : Whats new in Windows Phone 7.8 and How to upgrade

Windows Phone 7.8

Finally!! After I heard the updates were getting rolled out, I plugged in my Lumia 610 to see if there was any update. This time there is one and the first one to appear was : Nokia Lumia Update for Windows Phone. This update has two major feature listed : Provides Support for phones without physical camera button. Provides other Windows ...

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