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Nokia Shuts down Nokia Music Online Store in India

Nokia Music India offered songs in India for download from the web browser or on desktop using an unlimited subscription. Nokia has now pulled a plug on this service and now is is only available through phones. So in case you have an active subscription, you will be able to download songs only through your Nokia Mobile phones with the ...

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Nokia Music is also Acquired by Microsoft

Two days back we had this breaking news of Nokia being acquired by Microsoft in a 7 billion deal for smartphones and services division along with patents. Nokia Music is service from Nokia which allows users to download songs on their Lumia phones using the app. Nokia also released the Windows 8 app with subscription which allowed users to stream ...

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Nokia Music Gets an Update, Likes & New Release Notifications

Nokia has updated the Nokia Music app for Windows Phone users with new features. The latest version of Nokia Music is now out and you can download or update on your phones. With the updated app, you can now like your favourite artists to further personalise your music experience. Nokia Music will also like artists based on your playing history ...

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“Activation Problem” with Nokia Music App in Windows Phone & Licensing

Ulimited Subscription in Nokia Account

Since a couple of days when I tried to download music using the Nokia Music App on my Windows Phone, it always showed an error saying “Activation Problem, The phone is already registered with a Nokia Music Unlimited Subscription”. Because of this I wasn’t able to download any song, and was missing the awesome music service. What was even more ...

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Review : Nokia Music Plus for Windows Phone

I was sweetly surprised when I saw Nokia Music Plus was available for me ( in India) on the Lumia 820 which was actually gifted to us during the MWC meet up.  During the same period we had a chance of meeting Nokia Music Team where we got to see Nokia Music Plus App for Windows 8 & RT. In fact during this period I got ...

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Music Scene updated, Helps You Find Artists on the Map

When you are at a new place and want to listen to music from artists around that place on your Windows Phone, Music Scene App always comes in handy. This app uses Nokia Music API which makes sure you get to listen to songs and know more about him. Good news is that it just got better. Artist Search Before the update, ...

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Windows Phone Apps using Nokia Music API

Music Scene

When discussing with Nokia Music Team at Barcelona, we came to know that Nokia Music API is actually open to developers. So one can actually use them API for almost everything with Music. Find Albums, Wallpapers, Launch music from their app into Nokia Music App, read the playlist etc. As a matter of fact, the first two apps here are from the chief ...

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Nokia Music+ App for Windows 8 Coming Soon (Screenshots)

Nokia Music is one of the best reasons to pick a Nokia branded Lumia WP8 phone. Nokia had also announced that a new premium service branded Nokia Music+ was coming with a small subscription fee and this is being rolled out to different regions. But now have info on Nokia Music + service coming to Windows 8 tablets as well. ...

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