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How to Trim Videos in Windows 10 Mobile

When it comes to Videos and Photos, any user looks around for basic features to be available on its phone. Editing, Beautification, Removing red eyes are few examples.  Windows 10 Mobile comes with all the basic features required by a consumer, and in its recent update, Photos app has now included the ability to trim videos on your phone.   ...

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How to Unlock a Locked Windows 10 Mobile with Forgotten PIN

Unlock a Locked Windows 10 Mobile with Forgotten PIN

PIN lock is one of the ways to keep private data safe on your Windows 10 Mobile, but if you forget it, there is no way to recover it. You will need to hard reset your phone, and do everything again. That’s is what most of us know, but there is a way out.In this guide, I will share how ...

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How to Improve Battery Life of Windows 10 Mobile

Looking at the state of updates & Bug Fixes  rolling out for Windows 10 Mobile, and what existing users are experiencing, chances are one or the other feature is effecting your battery life. A couple of people who switched to Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL has reported the same. A lot of phones have been recently upgraded to Windows 10 ...

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State of Bluetooth File Transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile, the next major upgrade for Windows Phone 8.1, situation has much improved when it comes to bluetooth file transfer between Android and Windows 10 Mobile. The files no more get lost, even if it is not supported. You don’t have to manually save them after transfer is complete. To put it in simple words, it just works now. ...

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How to Print Photos from Windows 10 Mobile on Your Local Printer

Windows 10 Mobile has native printing integration at many places like Maps, Document etc. In a recent update to Photos App, this feature is now enabled for pictures as well. You can now print directly from your Windows 10 Mobile to any supported printer in the same network as your phone. How to Print Photos from Windows 10 Mobile on ...

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List of New Features in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile has finally reached rolled out to public, and its has major changes from features point of view. If you still figuring out what is new in the Window s10 Mobile We have it sorted for you. In this post, I have covered most of of the new features in Windows 10 Mobile. Alarm & Clocks: The biggest annoyance fixed in ...

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How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile Right Now

Microsoft is set to announce Windows 10 Mobile for most of the Windows Phone 8.1 devices in January, but the way things had been, I expect a slow roll out. Chances are that most of the old generation devices will be sitting ducks, to get the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1, on their devices. Update : ...

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How to Install Missing Lumia System Apps on your Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia System Apps

Microsoft Lumia Mexico revealed on their Facebook page that  Microsoft would be releasing the first wave of Windows 10 Mobile update to some Lumia devices on 29th February. However, according to sources, the official update is going to be nothing but a better, bug-free and fully featured build 10586, where everything will be fixed, hopefully. Some of the Lumia phones have already ...

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How to Enable One Handed Mode on Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile, the latest version from Microsoft comes with lots of new features and improvements over the previous version. One of the new features in Windows 10 Mobile is the one handed mode which means you can use the start menu and other apps with one hand. This option is particularly useful for large display devices. Once you have ...

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