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How to Update an Xbox Controller on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Update Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller, just like Xbox, can receive updates, and in this post, we will share how you can update an Xbox One controller in multiple ways. You can do it through the console, or via Windows 10 computer or Update wirelessly if the controller supports it. How to Update an Xbox Controller on Windows 10 and Xbox One Choose the ...

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YouTube App for Xbox One will Allow you to Upload Game Clips

When Xbox One announced their integration with Twitch, an online video service for gamers, I was disappointed. Being a gamer and youtuber, I would rather upload my videos on my existing channel than on a completely new service. Doesn’t matter if I want to monetize or put it for free, I have subscribers on YouTube and that’s the base line. ...

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XBox One Voice Commands Cheat Sheat

While Xbox One has been touted as all set to hear your voice, we are hearing a lot of people even in US complaining about it and it seems it needs a lot of calibration etc to get voice thing right, specially outside US where accents will play a major role. But do you know how many Xbox One commands ...

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List of Games Exclusive for Xbox One

Xbox One Games

After clearing off all doubts on Game Sharing, Family Plans on Xbox One, Microsoft is playing its final card to beat down the competition — The Exclusive games and content coming to Xbox One and giving reason why you want to get an Xbox One instead of anything else. In todays GamesCon Event in Germany, Microsoft announced a list of games ...

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Where is XBox One Launching — Official Countries list

Xbox One announced on June finally has a list of countries where it is launching first, followed by list of countries which are next. Below is the list of countries which just got lucky November 2013 : Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. Early 2014:  Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, ...

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