Ten Reasons Why Essay Writers Hate Rage 2

A deficiency of interest and spirit – this is what a modern videogame industry lacks the most nowadays. Most recent examples are Anthem and Fallout 76. And on the 19th of May, one more game made gaming writers from PaperCheap.co.uk feel cheated. It was Rage 2.

In 2018, Rage 2 was one of the most anticipated games of 2019 for the author of this article. Unfortunately, it is much weaker than lots of gamers might expect it to be. Actually, it is weak even for those who like simple and thoughtless shooter games. All in all, the game that failed to fulfill hopes is worth some negativity to throw into it. So, here are 10 reasons why essay writers hate Rage 2.

Reason #1: Empty World

When the game was at the pre-release stage, developers fed their community with sweet speeches about the world of the game, which was going to be different from what they were used to see in the past. A usual post-apocalyptic world is dull and repetitive, so they planned to go another way: to inhabit wastelands with unusual biomes with special enemies and specific missions. And after the Rage 2 release, players suddenly found out that the two-colored brown-red world of Mad Max (2015) also created by Avalanche Studios just as Rage 2, was much more interesting, atmospheric and mysterious. The world of Rage 2 is without a doubt better than that of the first part of the franchise.

Nevertheless, it is empty, static, and not living its life without a player. It is a set of decorations expecting you to come. But what’s the most important is the fact its mechanics was completely copied from that of Far Cry: climb towers, unblock zones, sweep enemy camps, and climb towers… That’s BORING.

Reason #2: Tasteless Rage

Back in time, they criticized Britney Spears as the celebrity which didn’t have a taste for clothes. They criticized her and placed into various hit-parades as the famous person not having a taste. When looking at Rage 2 from such an angle, one can notice it is similar to Britney Spears. People used to comply recently that in League of Legends graphic effects which cause epileptic attacks on gamers appeared. Well, here every game is 100 steps behind the subject of this article.

It seems that only Britney Spears fans had made it to post-apocalypse: things are overwhelmed with colors, senseless and looking stupid. Possibly, there appeared a Ubisoft agent in the headquarters of Software and revealed the success secret: paint in bright colors everything that should be dark, and catch happiness.

Reason #3: A Senseless Game

Rage 2 is the absolutely senseless game with a plot made “just because”, not connected to the original part story. It’s enough to neglect some episodic references, and you get an absolutely new setting which authors thought out without hoping to impress players of their first game. Here you choose your hero’s gender, and a minute after the player catches themselves in a kaleidoscopic shooting interchanged with short dialogues with characters looking and acting as if developers took them directly from Far Cry.

You start playing and hope the madness to end. But that’s not going to happen: you will understand what the game is about after 15 minutes spent in a game. Some people may argue, but even the last DOOM had more sense in its plot.

Reason #4: Everything in Rage 2 is Plagiarized

Rage 2 is a unique game of its kind. It looks like many modern musicians: they have nothing of their own in their head, and the whole creation is based on the successful concepts of those who were before.

Take a look yourself: shooting and weapon mechanics (the only thing which is more or less normal in Rage 2) are pure DOOM ones: same animations, same new weapon reviewing, same feelings in shooting, etc. World exploration and characters were taken from Far Cry: discover zones and interact with some mad psychos saying crazy stuff as a part of a “story”. Car driving and camp sweeping are the same as in Mad Max. They successfully took even a part of a ridiculously bad Fallout 76: silly AI, but we’ll discuss it in details later.

All in all, it is a game having no feature, no point. Those who look for new gaming experience and impressions should avoid playing it.

Reason #5: Game as a Service

They don’t talk loudly about further steps yet, but it’s already clear: developers will continue supporting Rage 2 in the future. Unlike Anthem, it will have add-ons and extensions, and most gamers would bet those will be paid.

Moreover, the tastiest parts will cost a lot. And the game which they sell nowadays is like a demo version. So, wait: they’ll introduce a new big map with 20 hours of Rage 2 gameplay. Additionally, there should appear a Rage 2 multiplayer mode with a bunch of new mechanics and features.

Maybe, they’ll even create DLC’s fulfilling the final of the story someday. So, if you plan to get the complete version, get ready to pay a full-price sum once again.

Reason #6: Blurry Graphics

Rage 2 Blurry Graphics

A surprising fact: Rage 2 does not impress with the beauty of graphics. In some places, it looks blurry, especially in points where developers hope players not to pay attention to. It seems that they tried to save funds on development and were in a hurry while trying to make Rage 2 system requirements suitable even for potato computers.

In the past, times were different. Older gamers might remember when Crytek told they used all the effects they could while creating the first Crysis. Thanks to such approach, this shooter shows cool graphics even nowadays, 12 years after the release. But romantic times faded away.

Now, everything got changed. I mean, seriously changed. It got changed so much that some locations from the original game look better than those of the sequel. For instance, the garage from Rage 1 (a 9-year-old game!) was much more detailed, stylish and atmospheric. No, Rage 2 looks better in general and it is natural. But people doubtfully would call it beautiful.

Reason #7: Rage 2 Transport

Rage 2 Transport

How can one travel across wastelands without transport? They can, but the journey would be tiring in that case. Well, in Rage 2, transport is very specific, not looking like something you could imagine in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The right wasteland transport is a motorbike or a car. A right bike or a car is obligatory crashed, covered with rust and built with non-native parts. In a word, transport should look like the iron created for survival, not appearance.

In Rage 2, vehicles look completely opposite: glamorous, shining, fashionable and new. It’s not like they used to do in Mad Max. Moreover, there are several vehicle models to use, but no possibility to tune and improve them is available.

Reason #8: Dull Missions

Rage 2 missions seem to be interesting only at the very beginning. As the game goes on, missions repeat each other again and again, and it starts to bore. Still, here gamers may try to understand developers. In id Software, they don’t know how to make missions other than “Kill-them-all.” In Avalanche Studios, it seems that they don’t treat missions as something important, so make sandbox games like hunting simulators or Generation Zero.

They made a really short single-player campaign – an average gamer can potentially walk it through in 6 hours, but failed to add bright quests which would make players stay in the game longer and play it once more after they finish. Actually, quests in Rage 2 are even more boring than in Far Cry 5. There were funny cultists at least. Here, things are much more primitive.

Reason #9: Silly AI

During the marketing campaign, Rage 2 developers told it to be the craziest game ever seed. They also added that enemies would not only look like mad psychos but behave like mad psychos. It was a reason to suppose that the AI of bots will be at a low level.

And the prediction was correct. Enemies behave like they are immortal even on the highest difficulty level. They don’t use covers and shoot inaccurately regardless of which kind of weapon they carry. It looks like Doom influenced Rage 2 in this aspect. But nobody expected Doom bots to be smart. There, players had to shoot opponents in close quarter combats without too many places to hide.

Rage 2 has much more space that could be used for tactics, but no: local bots are much sillier than even primitive robot-dogs in Generation Zero. So, it is interesting to shoot them only in debut chapters. Later, shooting begins to tire the gamer.

Reason #10: Broken Promises

To finalize, one should remind the developers about all the promises they broke. Gamers will never know if Avalanche Studios and id Software actually wanted to make a cool game and just failed, or they lied to their community on purpose. The fact is they promised one thing and made completely another. The game we’ve got after the release was different than Rage 2 they promised to give.

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