Tentacles : How fast your fingers are ( WP Game Review )

Tentacles is a spooky, finger breaking fun game which doesnt tense you while playing the game but keeps you on your edge to pass all the forty levels on your Windows Phone. In his game you guide a creature out of Dr. Phluff’s human body fighting  against the defense system and all the precaution e takes you by taking the medications and even against other creatures created by the Doctor himself.  

Tentacles Gameplay Video

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My Gaming Experience :

Game Response :  The game is pretty awesome specially with the quick response you get when using your fingers ( there is hell lot of tapping) which is major factor here because you need to move the tentacles quiet fast and in a measured way to avoid any other creatures on the way which are ready to take you down any time.

Creatures tentacles are pretty long so if you want to speed up, you can move very fast but you need to make the right measurement. Useful for Speed Sections.

For every level you gets scores based on Picups, Deaths and Challenges :

Tentacles Pickup Death and Challenges

Graphics :  The graphics are pretty attractive and sharp even though its bit spooky to see so many creatures and thinking you are passing through a Human Anatomy.

Sound Effects : It mixes the sound effects with vibration of the phone which make it real like, specially when you are caught by an enemy, it almost felt like running a saw.

Problems :

  • One is when it comes to edges it becomes difficult to guide the creature out, specially when it is behind a structure. You need to hit randomly front and back to bring him out.
  • Since finger tapping is done a lot and that with only one finger, I did hit lot the Search and Start button of Windows Phone a lot with my back fingers folded backwards.
  • Missing Directions : Though not often but sometimes I did get confused with Directions and the only hints were either the bonus points or the enemy itself.
  • Missing Viewing Angle : I would love to have different camera angle which can be either changed manually or using the tilt or gesture. It will give me a clear view of where the creature is going.

Tentacles Screenshots

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