The Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows

In this world of technology, everything is changing from booking movie tickets to listening to music. Buying music started from cassettes, CD’s and later we came to the stage when no one was buying music CDs. The reason was downloading songs directly to computers or laptops, which was a much more comfortable and cheaper way to listen to favorite songs. It also allowed one to edit the songs and create a remix. In this post, we will share some of the Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows.

The Best Music Streaming Services

We are now more advanced and took a few steps ahead. These days we use music streaming services rather than download favorite songs because this way, you can save space on your mobile phones or computers. Not only that, this will help you to listen to any of your favorite songs wherever you are if you are connected to the internet.

Preferences changes and you can’t download every song you like, so music streaming is the best way to listen to music these days for a small monthly fee. It is the reason we have listed some of the best internet-based music streaming services that are packed with lots of attractive features, let’s have a look.

1] Spotify

The Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows

Spotify has two versions, free and premium. The free version supports advertisements and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows mobile, PC, and Mac OS. The premium version of Spotify includes many features like offline playback and access to on-demand songs on any device. You can choose from over 30 million that are available in the extensive catalog and search by album, artist, genre, etc. Spotify features lots of personalized playlists that get updated regularly every Monday. The user interface is intuitive yet straightforward and includes subcategories along with the search tool. The integration of popular social network Facebook makes sharing so easy for the user.

2] Tidal

The Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows

Tidal is a feature-rich music streaming service that is recommended for its fantastic sound quality and vast catalog, which contains around 30 million tracks and 75,000 HD videos. It has a desktop app that works fine with macOS and Windows, and the mobile version is compatible with both iOS and Android. Tidal Hi-Fi provides lossless music streaming and bitrate up to 1411kbps to ensure that users get incredible sound quality. The app has an intuitive interface with playback and search screens that look familiar. Tidal also offers offline playback for premium as well as Hi-Hi users.

3] Apple Music

The Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, which has around 11 million active users across the globe. They offer a free trial for three months, but after that, you need to go for the paid service to continue. Apple Music works fine with iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Mac, and Windows PC. Paid users get the facility of saving music and play that offline. It integrates popular radio stations like a 24-hour, Beats, one, etc. and gives you access to the intensive catalog having over 30 million songs. A maximum of six people can use the family pack, and the service is available in 113 countries.

4] Pandora

The free tier, which is a radio service, has so many ads and doesn’t give the option to play on-demand songs. Though the paid version is cheaper compared to its rivals. Pandora doesn’t provide the facility to create a playlist or download any song because, at the core, its a radio service. The music catalog is not as vast as you get in Apple Music or Spotify. However, it has some qualities that may impress many users; for example, the mobile version is free and includes sufficient features. The app is best in terms of song discovery; affordable price also makes it preferable for many users.

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5] SoundCloud

The Best Music Streaming Services on Android, iOS, and Windows

The highly popular basic SoundCloud app is free for users and is compatible with Android, iOS, and web. The paid version has some additional features like offline playback facilities. SoundCloud allows users to share music on social networking sites such as Facebook and can be used as a massive platform by artists and music enthusiasts. You can create playlists or use readymade playlists, choose any song to play from a vast catalog, and also upload your content. There is no size limit for uploading a file, but there is no editing tool available to make further corrections. Overall, SoundCloud is an easy to use service with the right amount of features and has a simple interface for the users.

6] Google Play Music & YouTube Music

Google Play Music and YouTube Music are great music streaming services available for web, iOS, and Android platforms. There is a free version available with limited facilities, advertisement based, and if you want to unlock more, then go for the monthly paid service. Alike the Apple Music, Google Play Music also offers a family pack that includes five users. It will cost Rs 99 per month or Rs 149 family pack. It offers bitrate up to 320 kbps and allows users to playback saved music offline on any device. You can select a song from the vast catalog, including approximately 35 million songs, and also upload 50,000 songs (300 MB size per song) in the cloud. It features radio stations, playlists, search tools, a fresh interface, and more.

7] Amazon Music Unlimited

It is the first music streaming service launched by Amazon, which has excellent features and is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows PC, and web. Though, it lacks in terms of the ability to discover a song or personalization from other popular services like Spotify and Apple Music but has a vast catalog of over 40 million songs and offers a family plan for six users with monthly or annual subscription options. You can playback saved songs offline and enjoy the top-notch sound quality delivered by Amazon.

8] Deezer Music

Deezer Music STreaming

Deezer is undoubtedly one of the best internet-based music streaming services for music on demand. Users can choose from a vast catalog of over 40 million songs and enjoy bitrate up to 1411 kbps for excellent sound quality. The service has a free as well as a paid version that offers additional services like offline playback. It is high in terms of features, personalization, and lets users share music easily on social platforms like Facebook. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows PC.

The free version of any music streaming app gives you the primary facility of listening to a song, but to get the most out of it, you should go for the premium version and unlock more features. The premium version associates a cost, but still can be proved convenient for you because it lets you save all your favorite songs into the device and play them anytime.

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