The Xbox Series S features that make it stand out

It’s been already a year since Microsoft released their fourth-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

Sales reach 8 million, between the two of them and now that the time has passed and the consoles have been deeply tested, we can lay our conclusions on the one model that has brought a lot of attention due to its price and the initial doubts on whether it was worth over the other.

The Xbox Series S isn’t a downgrade on the Series X. Initial rumors laid over the performance and capabilities of the Series S put it as a console that would have the bare minimum in order to make it cheaper, but the truth is that it offers a very similar playing experience to the Series X console and it’s not only a good alternative but almost the best option when buying a new generation console.

The Xbox Series S features that make it stand out

Technical specs

The main component that sets the Series S almost at the same level as the Series X is the CPU. Basically, the microprocessor in both machines is the same: Custom AMD 8-core Zen 2. The only difference is the 3,6 GHz frequency in the Series S compared to the 3,8 GHz in the Series X, although it’s barely noticeable for the average gamer.

Where you get a difference between the two is in the graphics department. The Series X is prepared to display 4K graphics while the Series S works in 1080p and 1440p. While it is a fairly important difference, the display quality of games in 1440p and even 1080p is already top-notch.

In terms of RAM memory, the Series S has a capacity of 10GB, while the Series X has a 16GB capacity but where the Series S really stands out is in the performance of the entry and exit systems which is identical to the Series X. Both reach the speed of 2.4 GB/sec. with uncompressed files and 4.8 GB/Sec. with compressed files.

The only important difference between the two is the expansion card options. Series S runs a 512 GB capacity disk drive of which only 364 GB can really be used. This will be a big issue in the long term when piling up the games. The only alternative is an external drive or erasing data because upgrading the system to the 1TB storage of the Series X almost costs the same as a new console.


Not much to say on the controller as it’s the same as the Xbox Series X one, with the only difference being the color, as it follows the white palette of the Series S. It’s a smaller controller than the one of the previous Xbox, the joysticks have small bumps and the part where the palm grips the controller has a rugged surface, all of this improving the handling even for those that tend to sweat more while playing.

Controller Xbox Series S

Retro compatibility

Technically, both consoles are compatible with past games of Xbox and Xbox One. This results in an immense library of games.

But in practice, the Series S suffers the lack of not having a disk unit to insert an original Xbox videogame. A limit compared to the Series X, but not much of an inconvenience as the online library is filled with almost every available game.


Once again, absolutely no difference in terms of the software and the game interface that you’ll find on both consoles.

Microsoft played it safe and didn’t change much of the design between the new generation and the one of the Xbox One.

But there’s an effort in providing an expanded library of games and mainly the free games and apps to attract different types of user profiles.

From the most popular streaming services like Apple TV, Netflix, and YouTube to a new dimension of games such as the casino games that are so popular in mobile casinos that have been experiencing a boom thanks to their expanded offer in games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. Console gaming is now trying to replicate the success of these platforms that offer amazing security measures in order to protect their user’s information and which provide instant customer support as well as easiness in terms of payment deposits, something which at the moment isn’t the core of console gaming but that will inevitably make its way to it.

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