Things You Lost & Gained after Xbox One Policy Change

I know for many it does not matter now and for many it did not matter even when the Game Sharing and 24hr check restrictions was first announced for Xbox One. However with Microsoft finally making their policies flexible by announcing no change in Game Resale and 24hrs check gone, there are few things which we have lost and gained from different perspective.

Family Sharing:

All the games you have digitally downloaded on your Xbox One will be visible to your family but disc-based games won’t show up. In case you want one of your family member to play the same game, carry the disc with you and install it on their Xbox One. Now when you leave, they can still play the same game if they buy it from store but since the install is already on the Xbox One, they don’t have to download it.

  • Loss: If you are family of Xbox Players — You pay for every individual user.
  • Gain: You have the disc, you can sell it for a price and move on. If you ever wanted to play that game again, download a digital copy without having to pay for it.

Xbox One

Game Swapping:

Another cool feature of Xbox One is switching between two games. It was instant when it was not required to have the disc inside but now if you want to swap and play, you need to change the disc.

  • Loss: Get off your seat and change the disc. Bigger drawback — If you were match making for one game, you will never see the status unless you switch to get notified. So anything you want to do with second game will make you get off your seat now and then.
  • Gain : You lose some calories, that’s all.

Always Online & Virtual Cloud Gaming

There were couple of advantage with its so-called always online. First it was playing a major role in Family Sharing and second cloud powering. Games like Forza 5 has a feature called as Driveatar. The concept here is that your avatar still plays with other avatars even when you are physically not there. Your avatar learns your game playing style when you play and this way you never play with bots but your real friends even when they are not there.

No Gain; No Loss: This feature will still work and it will depend on how you choose it to work. If you are kind of person who stays online all day, you can choose to stay connected and let your avatar do your job but if you don’t have internet or it fluctuates a lot, then you don’t get this feature but you can still play games without it.


Even though Microsoft has announced their flexibility they haven’t shared how this is going to be implemented.

  • Do I get one time opt in or out and choose which path to follow.
  • Will there be a setting which lets me switch Family Sharing on when I am visiting my friend and turn it off when I don’t want to.
  • The games are region free but are the consoles too ?

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