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Things You Should Do if Your SD card is Corrupted

Are you searching on how to repair the corrupted SD card? Then scroll down and refer to the sections below to know the intricacies involved in repairing corrupt SD card and the highly reviewed SD card recovery process.

SD cards are compact and faster than an average pen drive. At the same time, they are fragile and more susceptible to corruption. So, what are the major reasons for a corrupted SD card? Go through the following insights that might corrupt your SD card.

  • Abruptly interrupting SD card while in files are transferring on to the SD card.
  • A large number of bad sectors.
  • Damaged boot record or file system.
  • Unallocated SD card.
  • RAW partition on SD card.

If you encounter any of these scenarios, you can easily repair them which you will get to know in the later section of the article. But, before repairing the corrupted SD card, it is strongly suggested to recover data from corrupted SD card and here is how you do it.

How to easily recover Corrupted SD card

In order to recover data from corrupted SD card, you require a professional SD Card recovery software that can perform sector level scanning. Integrated with a deep scan algorithm, Remo Recover is just a tool for the job. Hence, install Remo Recover on your computer and follow the rest of the process mentioned below:

SD card is Corrupted

From the main screen of the Remo Recover click on Recover Photos option. The data recovery software displays the Storage Devices and Volumes/Partitions connected to the computer. Identify and select the Corrupted SD card and tap on Scan.

Once the scan is completed, all the recoverable files from formatted are displayed on the screen. Click on the mark all to select all the files and click on save to recover files.

Congratulations on successfully recovering the corrupted SD card. Now move on to repairing the corrupted SD card, which is explained in the next section.

Quick Format

Sometimes a serious problem can be solved with a simple solution such as a quick formatting SD card. When you quick format an SD card it will overwrite a damaged or corrupt file system with a new file system.

For quick formatting corrupted SD card just access the windows explorer and right-click on the SD card. Select the format option. Choose the required file system and click on the format to complete the repairs.

However, this is only limited to fixing minor issues like a corrupted file system. Supposing, the damage is severe such as an unmounted SD card. Where the SD card will not be displayed in the windows explorer, in order to repair severe corruption, check out the next section of the article.

How to repair Unmounted SD card

Unlike a corrupted file system an unmounted SD card might not appear in Windows Explorer. You need to repair it through disk management and create a new volume. Open the disk management and find the corrupted SD card. It will be marked as unmounted. Right-click on the SD card and select create a new volume option.

Follow the instructions appear in the dialogue box and assign with a new drive letter. Once the process is completed, the SD card should be ready to reuse.

CHKDSK to repair corrupted SD card

CHKDSK is an inbuilt utility that will check for bad sectors on the SD card or any form of storage device and repair them. Bad sectors are an unresponsive cluster of storage sectors on SD card. A few bad sectors might not be a problem, but, if you don’t fix them in the initial stage, the bad sectors might spread and result in damaging the SD card. In such situations, you can make use of CHKDSK or Check Disk. Here are the steps on how to use the Check Disk.

  • Connect the SD card to your computer. Open windows explorer and right-click on the SD card and go to properties.
  • In the properties, window finds and access the tools tab. In the Tools tab, you will find check option, click on it.

  • It will open a dialogue box saying we found errors on the drive. “To prevent data loss, repair this drive now.” Click on repair the drive.

  • Wait for the process to complete, check disk will display the following dialogue box. By now your SD card should be free of bad sectors.


From this, you might be clear about the things you should do when your SD card is corrupted, such as quick formatting or using Check Disk or assigning a new drive letter. However, there is only one way you can ensure the safety of data saved on your SD card. That can only be done by recovering the data from formatted SD card. You can recover data from damaged SD card with the help of efficient SD card recovery software such as Remo Recover.

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