This App Lets You See Windows Phone Messages on Windows 10 PC and Tablet

Microsoft is yet to roll out a universal messaging app that allows you to see the messages on your PC which you received on your Phone. The app is expected to be a true universal app, but till then lets take a look at “Windows Phone Message Backup” App.

Windows Phone Messages on Windows 10
This app lets you view all your SMS on the phone to your Windows 10 PC or Tablet, and hence is named as Message Backup app. Below is the list of features:

  • Gives you detailed access to those messages.
  • You can browse and export all the messages you’ve sent or received. It supports normal SMS text messages, picture messages, group messages, video message, etc.
  • You can export messages and conversations as plain text or as a picture.
  • You can search messages, force a refresh, export as XML.

While the app does not allow you to send text notification, the developer is working on a push notification which will alert you when you are busy on your desktop. The app also requires you to use the same Microsoft account on your phone, and with Text Message Backup enabled which can be don’t from the settings.

Once you sign-in with same account, all the messages will start downloading, and once its complete you will have access to all messages including the conversations. This is definitely an amazing app for all those who need to keep track of SMS from PC.

WP Message Backup
Price: Free+

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