This Tool can Root Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone to run Homebrew Apps and Custom ROMs

I still remember the days of Windows Phone 7 which was rooted to run custom apps, tools which made it possible to create an image back / restore process and what not. When Windows Phone 8.1 rolled out, all the hopes was gone for good because it was secure, and Nokia had the boot loader locked down

This is changing now with the advent of Windows 10 Mobile with the release of a new tool–Windows Phone Internals 1.0–which allows you to Root Windows 10 Mobile & Windows Phone 8.1 to run HomeBrew Apps. And it’s by none other than HeathCliff who is well known in XDA for lot many things, and on Windows Phone part he is loved mostly for the WP7 Root Tools.

Here is the video by him which shows what the tool is capable of doing.

It unlocks the boot loader of the selected Lumia Windows Phone modes, and then you can enable Root Access, and also create Custom ROM. Here is the list of things it can do :

  • You can load your homebrew apps (hearing this after ages) which have higher privileges and will not be sandboxed in Windows Phone OS.
  • You can create backup-images of the phone and also access the file-system in Mass Storage Mode.
  •  You an also install custom ROMs.

List of Lumais Supported right now:

  • Lumia 520, 521 and 525
  • Lumia 620, 625
  • Lumia 720, 820, 920, 1020 and 1320

Below is a introduction video for you to get started.

Welcome Back HeathCliff, We had missed you. | Download it from here

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  1. When will this roiting tool work on the Lumia 650

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