Three tools you need to start Tech Blogs

Starting a tech blog has never been easier with the existence of various writing tools that improve content. Their features are beneficial since they have a word counter, grammar checker, or even indicate whether the sentences are too long to read.

Businesses need to realize which of the best tools they need to utilize when starting a blog, especially if they were to create an effective marketing strategy for their business. In addition, businesses with no experience in blogging should also consider the tools they’ll be using are easy or difficult.

The first step to starting tech blogs is choosing the most suitable blogging platform that consists of tools that’ll help make your blogging tasks more productive. Keep in mind that blogging platforms also differ in terms of user-friendliness and ease of access that can hinder your performance. Thus, here are three tools you need to start tech blogs.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, formerly knows as Google Keyword Tool, is the best tool that businesses should never overlook. The reason for this is because of the tool’s effectiveness to help you optimize content, provide you with ideas, and research keywords to comply with the rules of SEO.

The advantage of using Google Keyword Planner is that it allows webmasters to monitor their website’s statistics such as organic traffic, bounce rate, and duration of the visit. On the other hand, webmasters can also research the search volume data of the keyword to know which keywords are useful to gain more traffic.

Moreover, Google Keyword Planner also makes it easier for businesses that are first-time bloggers because of the sort and filter of results. Apart from this, there is also a hack that businesses can use to find out the list of keywords that other competing businesses don’t know about. All marketers and webmasters have to do are to explore the tool to familiarize all the features and add-ons.


Reading too many words and long sentences can be an eyesore, especially if you’re starting a tech blog. Webmasters have to keep in mind that images help make it easier for the target audience to get the idea of the message you’re delivering to them through your blog posts.

Further, the advantage of using PhotoPin tool is that they’re in collaboration with Flickr to find and embed images under the creative commons copyright library. The reason why it is an advantage is that you’re free to use any photo without worrying about getting a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

PhotoPin is a useful tool for tech blogs because webmasters can also purchase sponsored imagery to boost the recognition of their sites. But, most importantly, filter and sorting of blog images allow you to find the best images that you can use to represent your site as well as your content.

Grammarly: Writing Assistant

Grammarly is a digital writing tool that assists you in creating content by grading your sentence structure to find out the readability of your content. Since Grammarly allows you to set the goal of your content, you can choose whether your content is for the general, knowledgeable, or expert audience.

Further, you can also set the formality, domain, tone, and intent of your content to help you adjust and change your use of words and how you structured your sentences. Although Grammarly is free, subscribing to the premium version will grant you access to the plagiarism checker and will also check the entirety of your content.

Since not every marketer is proficient in writing and speaking the English language, Grammarly gets rid of this obstacle to make sure you deliver your message with clarity. On the other hand, you can also change the language preference to Canadian, American, British, and Australian English.


Various tools are available for starting bloggers out there to make sure you’ll be able to expand the reach of your business in the online marketplace. Google Keyword Planner, PhotoPin, and Grammarly Writing Assistant are the three tools that you can always rely on, given their ease of use, credibility, and accessibility.

Consequently, even though you’re starting your blog, these tools will slowly help you gain a spot on the search engine results page or SERPs. But, entirely depending on these tools doesn’t mean you’ll surely get your spot on SERPs, it will only rely on the effort you put in to make sure you gain the trust of your audience.

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