Tiny Troopers Review : Released Today for Windows Phone

If you love Xbox Live achievement integrated Windows Phone Game, here is one you should be downloading today, Game Troopers today has launched its first title, Tiny Troopers.  It’s a single player game where you manage mini sized troopers to complete missions and take over enemies using guns, grenades, missiles and what not. The game  has already received millions of downloads on iOS and Android and is one of the most adored shooters available in any app store.

Tiny Troopers for Windows Phone

Game Play:

You start with a single soldier, and then have a small troop, where you can have specialist included. Once ready you are dropped on enemy land where you need meet your missions which could be killing the troops, taking over their buildings or even destroying it. All the soldiers in your troop move together, and to move or shoot at the target, you just need to tap on the location. To keep firing, you need to keep tapping the target.

Impressive Visuals mixed with Sense of Humor:

The game has some impressive visual. The land, trees, even towers are well defined. Not to forget the cute little soldiers are visual treat. These tiny soldiers have a great sense of humor as well. When you fight en enemy, or take down a building, make sure to hear the dialogue.

Tiny Troopers Windows Phone Zombie Mode

Missions and Upgrades:

You have 30 missions, and you should try out the hard level to get the real idea, on how tough it can get. You have access to maps, call for dropouts, choose a specialist and power ups.  As you play along, you collect medals which can be used to upgrade your troop so you spend less on power-ups and more on specialists. That said, the game has 20 in-game XBOX achievements right from completing your first mission to getting blown away by a mine. So make sure to watch your step.


Here comes the best part. The game is free, and comes with no advertisement. So go, download now and make sure to leave your rating. You wont regret playing it.

The app was not found in the store. :-(
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