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Tips to Make Best Use of OneDrive on Windows 10 PC & Mobile

When it comes to Cloud Integration,  OneDrive and Windows 10 has some solid integration along with features that helps make the most out of it. One of the biggest advantage of using OneDrive is that is available everywhere on Windows 10, and if you ever switch, you can still use it.

OneDrive Desktop App on Windows 10 PC:

Save Documents & Pictures on One Drive by Default: 

If you want to centralise location of files and pictures you save on PC, OneDrive sets the default location of those folders to OneDrive. This means any file you go and save into them, is automatically uploaded to OneDrive. This makes it accessible on phone, web and on a different PC.

Change Microsoft for OneDrive:

The default account for OneDrive on Windows 10 is the Microsoft account you first setup with it. In case you want to use a different account with one drive app, the settings page lets you unlink the existing account and then switch to a new one.

Use One Drive to Fetch Files from PC Remotely

OneDrive can pull files from your PC if you enable the fetch functionality. All you will need is to open the OneDrive on web, and select your PC from the left pane and start searching.

  • Right click on OneDrive App and Go to Settings
  • The first tab will have option which lets you opt in to for the fetch feature.
  • Now Open OneDrive.com and select the PC from the left pane listing. This will let you access each and every file on the PC while the PC is online.


Use Groove to Stream Music Files on OneDrive

If you have a good amount of space on your OneDrive, upload the music files and you can stream music using the Groove Desktop and Mobile App on the go. I have talked more about it here.

Auto Save Pictures from Camera to OneDrive

Set this up  to automatically upload pictures from your connected camera to OneDrive Picture folder. This mess sure that even when you delete it from your camera, it stays up on your OneDrive.

Enable Multiple File Upload

While OneDrive is not a very efficient uploader, and not the fastest out there, the app does let you enable multiple file upload to make sure files are synced faster by using a better bandwidth.

OneDrive App on Windows 10 Mobile

Add Multiple Microsoft Accounts:

  • Tap on the hamburger menu and select add account.
  • Now you will be able to switch between them using the hamburger menu whenever you want.

Manage File Upload and Download Progress

  • Select the Hamburger menu, tap on the two arrows which are pointed to opposite direction.
  • This will display Upload, Download and camera upload progress. You can use them to resume upload in case of errors or skip things completely.

Recycle Bin:

In case you have deleted any file, you can go to Recycle Bin and recover it. The files are deleted periodically from there so you still have a chance for tough situations.

Got any more tips to share with us? Let us know in the comments.

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