Tired of interrupted Windows 10 updates? Microsoft is working on “Resume” Feature

Many a time, Windows Update gets interrupted for a variety of reasons. It could be a power failure or lost network connection. Redownloading the update, especially if its a big one not only consumes the bandwidth, it also takes more amount of time. Good news is that Microsoft is working on a Resume feature which will make sure interrupted downloads will resume from where it stopped.

Pas few major updates, Microsoft has made sure that the update experience gets better for the consumers. Not only the updates are smaller, incremental, if you have multiple PCs at home, they all can share the update with each other. This has effectively reduced the amount of time a general consumer spends updating his PCs.

Reported by Windows Central:

Windows Insider Program chief Dona Sarkar revealed today that the company is planning improvements that will enable users to resume interrupted downloads instead of starting over.Dona wasn’t ready to commit to a specific timeframe for that feature, but it’s certainly good to know that it’s on the roadmap.

Dona said that the decision to introduce the upcoming “resume download” feature was heavily influenced by Microsoft’s experiences with its Windows Insiders4Good Fellowship programs.

The company has been working with local entrepreneurs across Africa over the last two years, gaining fresh insights into the needs of users in “occasionally connected” markets, where internet access is often more limited and more costly than in developed nations.

Its really good to know that Microsoft is working on this feature, and will come in real handy in countries where Bandwidth & Connectivity is still a problem.

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