Todoist for Windows 10 Released

Todoist is one of the most popular cross-platform task managers and to-do list apps. Today, Todoist makes its biggest leap into the Windows market, with the launch of its first native app for Windows 10. The app’s foundation is constructed on the already-solid base of TaskCrunch, the top-rated Todoist client for Windows acquired earlier this year by Todoist.

The Todoist app for Windows 10 comes with a beautiful interface that is neatly arranged and user-friendly.

Download Todoist for Windows 10

Download Todoist for Windows 10 (Features)

  • Third-panel view: Windows 10 is the first platform where Todoist will support a third-panel view. This is ideal for group collaboration as the third panel provides a spacious side-by-side overview of projects, tasks, comments, and attached files.
  • Live Tiles: Live Tile squares on the desktop make information-at-a-glance incredibly easy. The customizable Todoist Live Tiles are perfect to use with an important project, a frequently viewed task or label, or an urgent task that may contain an active comment thread.
  • Interactive notifications: Todoist’s notifications for Windows 10 will provide instant, actionable updates, and reminders. Users can complete or snooze the task directly from the notification without ever entering the actual app.
  • More to come: Todoist will continuously release updates to the Preview until it becomes a final version, which is slated to include even more Windows-specific features, including possible Cortana and Windows

The Windows 10 version is final, and you can use it like on any other device. Any changes you make on Windows will sync with other devices. Also, the desktop version is better compared to the Microsoft Store version. Make sure to sign in with the account you use everywhere.

Todoist was released in 2007 and is available in 20 languages and on 16 different platforms and is used by nearly 6 million people who have completed more than 250 million tasks in over 39 million projects.

Download from here

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