Top 5 Antivirus programs on Android

The smartphone has become part and parcel in our life. To stay connected to the internet, people rely on the smartphone. But the hackers are continuously trying to get access to your smartphone to steal sophisticated information. If they find any weak spot in your smartphone or android device, they can easily extract vital information and cause massive financial losses. Let’s discuss the top five antivirus programs on android.

Top five Antivirus programs on Android

  1. Norton security and antivirus
  2. Bitdefender antivirus
  3. AVG antivirus
  4. Sophos mobile security
  5. Kaspersky mobile antivirus

1] Norton security and antivirus

When it comes to the perfect solution to the online threat, Norton antivirus tends to one step ahead. Their smart programmers are always working hard to bring necessary change to their antivirus software so that they can offer a secure environment for the android device user. People love to surf the internet via mobile devices. And if the users give any vital information in the phishing sites, it will be hard to extract the critical data. Norton security and antivirus will provide you with a warning regarding the phishing sites. Secure browsing features of Norton antivirus is one of the smartest useful features for android users. When it comes to malware detections, the app is almost 100% accurate. It can easily detect malware and other threats in your android device. It automatically neutralizes the threats and keeps you safe from hackers.

2] Bit defender antivirus

The bit defender antivirus is a brand name when it comes to online security. Those who frequently transact on lines can use their safe pay browser. Even if your device has hidden spyware or key logger, no critical information will be exposed to hackers. They also offer a premium password management tool by which you can easily manage a complex password. Most of the time, the android users lose access to the web portal in times of their need since they can’t remember the complex password. But with the help of bit defender antivirus, you can easily manage your android password in an encrypted medium.

3] AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus is mostly famous for performance booster. It can optimize your android device and extend battery life. When it comes to online threats, it automatically detects malware and viruses. You can also add an extra layer of security to your media files by looking it into the AVG vaults. But to get the best features of AVG, you must upgrade it to the premium version. However, the free version can also deal with active threats from hackers. Due to dual-engine configuration, it can easily remove severe threats and ensure a safe experience for android users.

4] Sophos mobile security

Sophos mobile security is one of the most advanced antivirus program designed for android users. It can quarantine infected files and make your device faster. Most importantly, it gets regularly updated via the internet, and you can expect to get reliable protection from the recent technology used by hackers. Sophos has more than 1 million downloads in the play store. This data should reflect the true story of their success.

5] Kaspersky mobile antivirus

Kaspersky is a reputed brand name in offering antivirus software to the retail clients. It is equipped with advanced features like text filter, app locker, and anti-theft protection. Most importantly, the antivirus continuously looks for potential threats in the interest. And if they find any danger, they eradicate problems to protect the sensitive data. However, you need to keep the antivirus software updated regularly since critical patches are applied in each update.

To secure your android device, you must learn to use antivirus software. By now, you know the key features of the top 5 antiviruses for Android users. Based on your requirements, pick the best antivirus software and see how it works. Last but not least, always use updated software to keep yourself safe from the hacker.

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