Top apps to use on your Apple iPad

The Apple iPad needs no introduction. After all, the device started the whole tablet revolution, bringing about a quantum shift in the way the computing industry performed until the device was launched. While the device itself is amazing given its excellent specs, something that the company makes it a point to update at regular intervals is the sheer number of apps compatible with the device that makes it a gem of a device.

After all, what good is a device if you cannot put it to regular use? The plethora of apps that the Apple App Store comes with makes the iPad indispensable for almost anything you can imagine, just like online casino India real money. Here we discuss some of the must-have iPad apps that you will loathe to miss out on if you wish to make your iPad your daily driver.

Top Apps Apple iPad


This happens to be Apple’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite of office apps. That way, the iWork comprises a word processor named Pages, a spreadsheet named Numbers, and presentation software that goes by the name Keynote. Also, iWork isn’t as feature-rich as Microsoft Office though it also works in its favor. Most of its users are drawn to the simplicity that the iWork stands for and serves their requirement for basic office software for their daily needs.

Google Maps

There sure is no dearth of instances of people ending up in the middle of nowhere when following either the Google Map or Apple Maps though the number of such incidents is no doubt far greater with the latter. That makes Google Maps a better choice of the two. Apple Maps sure has made huge progress off late but still has some catch-up to do with the Google offering. So, if you are an adventurist or need to travel a lot, Google Maps is a must-have for you.


It’s an app to manage your finances better and can create a budget for you as well. For that, however, you need to link your bank accounts and credit cards with the app. Thereafter, the app keeps track of your spending habits and suggests a budget based on such info. You will have full control over the way the app performs, though, which includes the ability to maximize or minimize each budget head as well as to add and remove categories.


With more and more of our activities making it to the digital realm, that also translates to us having many passwords that we need to keep away from prying eyes. Those passwords are what separates our prized documents and other info from the ever-looming threat of hackers out there. Keeping track of all such passwords can be a herculean task though not quite if you have the iPassword app on your iPad. With iPassword, you only have to remember a single strong password that unlocks the app to reveal every other password that matters to you.


Netflix perhaps is as well known as the tablet device itself. And if you already are a paid subscriber, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the streaming media app on your iPad as well. The excellent display is just right to watch your favorite shows, movies, and events. After all, it’s Netflix that popularised the concept of streaming media and is home to almost an endless stream of the rich content of every genre that you can think of.


Think of anything under the sun, and it would be a real surprise if you don’t come across a video on the same on YouTube. That should explain the extent to which the app is popular among the netizens, and it would be a real pity if your iPad misses out on this one app. What’s more, you can also create your own videos and post them on YouTube easily.

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