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Top 10 Countries That Has Highest Crypto Holders

The adoption of crypto has increased a lot in the last few years. The total market capitalization of crypto currently is over $2.53 trillion. So, which countries are the most bullish on cryptocurrencies or have the most cryptocurrency users and holders? The countries with the highest crypto holders are India with 100 million, the U.S. with 27 million, followed by Russia with 17 million, Nigeria with 13 million, and Brazil with 10 million. According to a report, India has a lot of crypto holders compared to other counties. In India, over 100 million individuals own crypto. Now peoples are also interested in investing in crypto through nft-code.io.The cryptocurrency owners’ demographics are as follows:

  1. 58 % of the holders of cryptocurrency are below 34 years old.
  2. The number of males is 79 %, and females are 21 %.
  3. 82 of the crypto owners have a bachelor’s or higher degree.
  4. The yearly income of 36 % of them is above $100k.

Countries That Has Highest Crypto Holders

The Top Countries in the World Holding the Most Cryptocurrencies

  1. Nigeria: 32%
  2. Vietnam: 21%
  3. Philippines: 20%
  4. Turkey: 16%
  5. Peru: 16%
  6. Switzerland: 11%
  7. India: 9%
  8. China: 7%
  9. U.S.: 6%
  10. Germany: 5%
  • It has been seen that Nigerians are highly open about cryptocurrency trading or spending.
  • However, until recently, Nigeria was only alone in its fast acceptance of cryptocurrency.
  • Southeast Asia has made a powerful showing.
  • One Latin American country breaks the leading five.
  • But the strongest countries of the world with the biggest economies are part of the list’s bottom half.
  • 32 % of respondents in Nigeria admit to using or owning some cryptocurrency in 2020.
  • But only 6 % of people in America have reported using or owning it.
  • The trend is fuelled in Nigeria due to its unique circumstance and culture.
  • Poverty is a condition that many people in Nigeria suffer. It is one of the vital influencers, and cryptocurrency transactions are less costly.
  • This trend is also growing in Nigeria because the people in the country usually make their payments or send money with their phones.
  • Also, double-digit inflation is not an exception.
  • Crypto such as Bitcoin is capped to many coins in Nigeria and acts as a safeguard against inflation.

Bitcoin’s Headquarters in the World

  • The most popular crypto is not Bitcoin.
  • In 2021’s first quarter, this original cryptocurrency increased by 113%.
  • It may sound great to all investors, but it is nothing compared to Ethereum, which grew by 324 %, or Dogecoin, which grew by 7555 %.
  • Also, Dash and Maker grew by 198 % and 760 %, respectively.
  • Despite the recent spotlight on the most trending altcoins, when it is only about Bitcoin, America is the leader worldwide.
  • Bitcoin worth over $1.52 billion got traded on the exchanges in the U.S. last year.
  • It is more than thrice that of Russia, where the trading volume was $421.38 million.
  • Nigeria had a trading that was a bit more than $400 million.
  • Then in Europe, it fell to a little more than $200 million.
  • Apart from crypto users in Southeast Asia and Africa, Latin America is another region where numerous users of cryptocurrency are located.
  • In 2020, the interest in crypto was higher in Latin America than in other countries.
  • The leader among them is Peru which has 16 % acceptance by individuals.
  • Double digits have also been reached by Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Argentina.
  • In Europe, the highest rate of cryptocurrency acceptance was seen in Switzerland along with Greece, with 11 % acceptance in each of the countries.
  • Although Anglo and European nations included a little lower adoption level of cryptocurrency.


The adoption of cryptocurrency is growing worldwide. Now there are over 300 million crypto users and owners worldwide. The rate of cryptocurrency ownership by country on average is 3.9 %, and over 18,000 businesses globally are now accepting some crypto in the form of payments. Cryptocurrency is never without controversy. But now, many merchants and companies are ready to take it for digital payment. Among 5 cryptocurrency users, 3 are males, and regardless of the country, crypto users are usually educated and young.

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