Top 10 Home Security Apps for Android and iOS Devices

With the increasing breaches in safety in recent times, it is essential to understand the role that home security apps play in our lives. All you need to do is download the right security camera app for your androids or iOS device, and you will be able to monitor your home anytime and anywhere without paying any fees for it.

Best Home Security Apps

Top 10 Home Security Apps for Android And iOS Devices

Here are the top 10 home security apps for Android and iOS devices suggested by experts working with TFTH, an online platform proving assignment help services:

1] Ivideon

Best for android devices, this security camera app can send audios along with the security video using the internet. You can also live stream from any device as well as send your location to others online. Moreover, you can also save and recover data using cloud storage.

The app does tend to shut down and hang occasionally, but that is the only downside of Ivideon.

2] Reolink

It is one of the only home security apps that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. It is not only easy-to-use but also has some outstanding and top-notch features.

The app offers high definition images and videos and has a straightforward interface that is quite user-friendly.  Reolink also provides users with notifications of motion detection, in addition to giving them access to the app even from remote areas. This app has a high no of downloads and praised by many users. Ruse Vince, an app user who provides services like python homework help, has used many security apps, and none has satisfied him like this app.

3] Vivint Smart Home App

Experts sharing feedback on spyfu review claims that this app is one of the best for protecting your home, in addition to providing you with features of smart home control. These features include heat, alarm, and light control. It does not require any third-party apps.

The app also comes with a built-in AI assistant, which helps you to learn how to use the app. It also allows the user to store the surveillance videos of up to 30 days.

4] Alfred

Another one of the home security apps for your android devices, Alfred, can quickly turn your smartphones into security cameras.

With a great color scheme, user-friendly interface, and fantastic app design, this is one security app that is also easy to use.

Regardless, it does have the occasional shutdowns, which remains the only issue with the app.

5] i-Security

Considered to be one of the best home security apps, i-Security allows its users to live stream their homes using different cameras through a central system of surveillance. This live stream can be viewed even via the Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi. The app also allows you to click images from the live stream.

According to essays on home security found in websites offering assignment help, it is stated that the only issues with the app though are that it might shut down occasionally. It also tends to stop working when the computer goes into sleep mode. Tina, who provides services like write my essay at TFTH, completely abides by this conclusion.

6] Video Monitor

In addition to an easy user interface and functional designs, the Video Monitor app also allows users to apply the features of video surveillance. It can also track your GPS locations and detect any movement or incident taking place inside the house.

The app also provides users with an email alert in case of any movement in their homes. This app is best for android devices.

7] Presence

This app is best for turning your iOS devices into a tool for home security. It helps users to monitor their home and its surrounding areas in real-time. Also, the app offers notification alerts when there is unnecessary movement.

Presence is an app that can capture live video feeds and also detect any motion inside the home.

8] iSentry

Websites like TFTH, where experts provide services like term papers for sale, consist of professionals who believe that this is one of those security apps which allows the users to turn their computers or iPhone screens into web cameras. In the case of any undue or alarming incident or activity, they will receive alerts along with images and videos of the same from the app.

9] AtHome

Best for iOS devices, this is one app that can help you turn your home computers into a web camera. All you need to do is point the camera towards the area in your home that you would like to see, and the app gives you a live view of the same on your iOS device.

The app also has features of motion detection and sets off an alarm when there is an alarming incident or security breach.


Richard, an expert offering project management courses online, suggests that this is quite a useful home security app that allows users to monitor the inside as well as the outside of their homes. It is one such iPhone app that can connect the home security of users with their mobile devices and give a real-time feed of their property.

It has a motion detection trigger that goes off when there is any unnecessary movement or break-in.

In conclusion, there are many home security apps for both Android and iOS devices, which can ensure the security and protection of your homes. To choose the app best for your home, read through the features, and select the one that can help you get the best of everything.

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