Top 10 Whatsapp Hacker Online for Free

What if we tell you that you can check your friend’s WhatsApp without even touching their smartphone? Sounds amazing, right?

Almost everyone has tried to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account once in their life. However, the advanced security of this application always works as a barrier. But now it is possible by using a WhatsApp hacker online.

This article will share ten different platforms that will help you check someone’s WhatsApp account without hacking it.


WhatsApp Spy Tool

Minspy’s solution is a remote phone monitoring platform for experts and beginners. You can visit the website and verify the smartphone that you want to monitor. This website offers multiple features such as WhatsApp Spy, Instagram Spy, location tracker, and much more.

Millions of users trust Minspy as the first option to track someone’s activities. When you verify someone’s device, you can tap on its WhatsApp feature and access all the conversations. Thus, it won’t take more than a few minutes to hack into someone’s WhatsApp online.

Leading publishers like Forbes, Android Authority, and CNET mentioned Minspy as the leading solution in the industry.

How to use it?

Checking someone’s WhatsApp with Minspy is not a challenge. All you need to do is create an account, verify the smartphone, and access its WhatsApp spy feature. However, we recommend checking out its installation guide to learn more about it.

There, you can find a step-by-step guide that walks you through every step of the process.


Spyier Spy Tool

No one likes to compromise their privacy while monitoring someone else’s WhatsApp activities. That is why Spyier offers complete privacy for phone tracking activities. You can create an account here and start monitoring the device you want.

You can find similar features on this platform that works with a single tap. Thus, you do not need to do after verifying the smartphone. The solution is web-based and does not require any step after connecting their phone with your account.

We recommend checking out this website to know more about its features.


Top 10 Whatsapp Hacker Online for Free

Spyine is one of the complete platforms to monitor a smartphone without even touching it. It is an established application with millions of users. Therefore, you can trust this solution to access the WhatsApp conversations of your loved ones.

Its server is encrypted to provide you additional security from other hackers. Additionally, you can improve your phone tracking skills with its easy to use features. We recommend using this application if you are not able to proceed with the first one.

It is because there is not much difference between Minspy and Spyine as phone monitoring platforms.


Top 10 Whatsapp Hacker Online for FreeSpyic is an online phone monitoring application that allows you to track any app like WhatsApp of the targeted device. However, this application is best designed for parents as it has parental control as well.

If you’re looking forward to tracking WhatsApp messages or call logs of an Android or iOS device, then this application can do it for you. Additionally, spyic is 100% safe and will secure your data from the targeted device.


NeatSpy WhastApp Tracker

Neatspy is another great solution to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activities. It is one of the oldest applications in the phone monitoring market. Needless to say, this application has the trust of millions of peoples, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

It has pretty much the same features as other tracking apps, though it works much faster than them. Like it takes less time to register the device.


Spyzie was introduced for employers to track their employee’s activities. The application has done a great job in its work. Additionally, the latest update made it more accessible for common users as well.

It means that now anyone can use this application. You can monitor the WhatsApp activities of the targeted device easily. It’s 100% secure and protects your data from everyone.


As the name suggests, TeenSafe is designed for parents to keep their kids safe. There are times when you need to track their activities to ensure they are not on the wrong path.

Suppose you want to hack WhatsApp activities of a device. Then this application is for you. It will allow you to monitor their messages, live locations, call logs, shared media, and much more.


Fonemonitor was designed for parents because of its convenient and effective layout. It has parental control that works great. But you can still use this app to monitor someone’s WhatsApp. Its WhatsApp features pretty effectively, unlike any other phone monitoring app.

The application will be ready for you to use at the moment. You need to register for free and start monitoring the device you want.


It doesn’t matter whether the device you’re trying to get into is an Android or iOS. Cocospy will allow you to monitor activities of the targeted device like WhatsApp messages, call logs, media, and much more.

Additionally, there is a feature called Stealth Mode. It basically doesn’t let the targeted device that you’re monitoring them. You can track their activities 100% discreetly. You can register for free on the official website of Cocospy.


Safespy is an overall solution to monitor the activities of any android and ios device. Not only WhatsApp, but this application can also provide you much more features like live locations, messages, call logs, media, and much more.

It provides an easy way to track activities without rooting or performing a jailbreak on an iPhone. Thus, you can use it even if you are not an expert in phone monitoring.

Final Words

Hacking someone’s WhatsApp account may be a challenging task. However, there are still ways to bypass its security and browse any WhatsApp account you want. Applications like Minspy and Spyine requires you to install a mini set up on the android device to monitor.

However, you can verify an iPhone by entering the iCloud details of that phone. Thus, you need to understand your requirements and choose accordingly.

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