Track Cricket Scores & Updates with Bing Predictions and Cortana

Cricket Season is on, and I am sure you all are tracking cricket scores, and updates using apps, and services. Today, Microsoft has announced refreshed set of Cricket oriented search features such as Ask Cortana, Bing predictions, polls and quizzes designed to give Cricket lovers an enriched search experience. You will also get live score, news, videos, photo, stats, previews, commentaries, etc. The search engine will also provide information on history of Cricket, the records held by cricketers etc.

Bing Cricket World Cup

  • Searching for “Cricket World Cup” on the Bing homepage will bring up the content to the top where users will get match predictions, standings, stats, polls and quiz on a day by day basis as the competition progresses.
  • Bing Predicts : Bing uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming events, like sports games, reality TV shows, and more. For Cricket, the predictions are updated  every five overs.
  • Ask Cortana: Type in or Ask “Cricket Scores India” or “Cortana Score <TEAM-NAME> and you will see entire schedule of the tournament or just the matches of their favourite team.

Cortana Cricket Score

  • Cricket Quiz:  Want to test your knowledge about the game? Ask Cortana to “give me a cricket challenge” and engage in a lively quiz session.
  • Ball by ball Updates through Carousel : The search engine will now show users the most recent results and updates starting from Match schedule to point tables with a simple search. This helps in eliminating the need to hop between different websites to check match updates. Bing will also have all the information one needs for the matches all in one place with in-depth features including match schedules, results, and top player statistics.
  • Daily Cricket Quiz : To add more fun and excitement to this Cricket season, Bing offers users the opportunity to play a daily cricket quiz to test their skills and voice their thoughts in the daily poll. Additionally, it also gives a reason behind very correct answer followed by a score allowing Cricket lovers to enhance their knowledge about the sport’s history. Users can share their score card via Facebook and Twitter and can challenge their family/friends to take up the quick cricket quiz.
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