Truecaller Real Time Caller Id Arrives for Windows Phone 8.1

TrueCaller, one of the most popular caller id app, has rolled in a major update for the platform by enabling the Real Time Caller id. Previously, it was more dependent on the internet and there was no real time integration. One had to key in the number in the app to find out about the number. This has changed now.

True Caller ID WP

You may find the app rating really bad as of now. Its mostly because real time caller id wasn’t available in first roll out. Windows Phone 8.1 has inbuilt feature to block calls and SMS. Its available through API and that is why I have seen it available in Lumia phones to be precise.

Microsoft have worked along with Treucaller team to integrate this feature to make it work together and get native to the platform. This means if the OEM hasnt supported it, the app will not work. I tried it on my Karbonn Titanium Wind W4 and it failed.

Consumers using a Lumia phone will get a 30 Days of free preimium access of TrueCaller when they update their existing app. Let us know how was your experience.

via WPC

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  1. why only 30 days whats the use of using windows phone, no call recorder also here in india, nothing, its worst to use,
    why r u microsoft guys bringing a good call recorder like android phones, if not than please let usknow if u r not geting us a call recorder for windows phone 8.1 than fyn, i will post not to use any of windows phone,

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