Try this if Internet Sharing doesn’t work in Lumia 920 or any Windows Phone

After I got my Lumia 920, Internet Sharing was the first thing I wanted to check and to my disappointment it never worked. I was able to Turn it on and connect my devices with it but Internet wasn’t getting shared for some odd reasons.

Lumia 920 IS APNAt the Nokia conversation thread, one of the guys suggested to update the Nokia’s Access Point settings. I did and it still did not work for me. To my luck, at another Nokia Forums few guys had the same problem. They did every thing right from updating to editing the APN etc. Nothing worked for them either.

Access Point Activation Trick

Fooling around the with Access Point, I found that the current settings was not editable for me. I wasn’t able to deactivate it either because it was the only settings that was available.

Randomly, I just created another VPN setting with a name and skipped all warning it gave me. Now I had two and I switched to the new VPN. You need to long press and select activate. This obviously deactivated my Vodafone VPN which was automatically created when I inserted the SIM.

Next I reactivated the Vodafone VPN again and connected to my Nexus 7 and to my surprise the Internet Sharing Started WORKING!!! I was like OMG so all it need was a restart kind of thing which could have set few things right.

So in case your Internet Sharing is not working, create a dummy and switch between the VPN. I hope this will help some people out there because it’s not a global solution or an official solution but it worked for me. Good Luck!!

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  1. Worked for me also, Although I am liking my Lumia; however Lumia has to go long way and it not anywhere near perfect

  2. HI Ashish,
    I have a different problem… I am able to connect my Lumia 820 with my PC ( Windows 7) however it shows Limited connectivity. My android phhone connects automatically and no problems there. Please help.


  3. I am not able to connect to company vpn using nokia lumia 520. Please help. The company infra support says I need to open certain Ports on my phone. please help.

  4. Explain this in english with step by step instructions on how you changed the APN because there is alot of information that needs to filled out like proxy server, etc to do what you suggest…

  5. hi Ashish,
    i am bale to work easily with internet sharing on laptop through Lumia 720.
    the thing is… i need to use VPN on my laptop for office work, & as soon as i connect to VPN on laptop; everything got disconencted & i ned to reboot phone in order to work ti properly.
    can you please suggets, ow i cna use VPN on my laptop whiel using internet from Lumai phoen?

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