Turn your Windows Phone into Spycam ( Homebrew )

N3croman@XDA Forum has released an App which can be convert your Windows Phone into a Spycam by taking pictures after every set interval and since it works even when your phone screen is locked it makes it a very handy utility if you want to catch somebody red handed but be warned that it can be used for even at wrong places.

Probably thats the reason this cam was not approved in the Windows Phone Market Place. To use this app on your Windows Phone, you will need an unlocked phone and tools to deploy it.

SpyCam View Mode

Features :

  • When under lock, you can use the camera button to start and stop shooting.
  • Configure Shooting Speed i.e. Time Interval.
  • Does not make any sound while doing that
  • You can choose resolution.
  • Choose to run under lock screen.
  • User Backgound as view finder.
  • All the images taken are stored into saved pictures in Picture Hub.
The app works in under the lockscreen only when you keep it running in the background and then lock your phone. It looks like best is to wait for the first snap to come out before you go and lock it down.

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Video Demo

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