Upload Videos to Instagram from Windows Phone

Instagram app debuted on Windows Phone platform back in October 2013 at the Nokia World and ever since the release, it hasn’t got all the latest features available on Instagram for other platforms. For example, you cannot upload videos from Windows Phone to Instagram. But now, we have an unofficial app similar to 6tag for Instagram. The new app called Video Upload to Instagram will allow users to upload videos from their Windows Phone to Instagram.

This app fills the gap with the official Instagram app and allows to upload video from your phone.

Video upload to instagram

You can now browse a video from your camera roll, from your SD card, OneDrive or from any other file sharing app installed on your phone. Once the video is selected, you can crop the area of the video you want and then select the 15 second duration you want to upload. The app will then upload the video to your Instagram account.

This is an unofficial app, so you need to trust the app to login with your Instagram account and password. If you want to create awesome videos mixing music and adding effects, transitions and titles, take a look to Movie Maker 8.1.

Video Upload to Instagram costs $1.99 with an option to try it for a week before buying. The trial version is limited to 10 sec video, one per day. You can download the app using the link below.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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