Use Klout ? Windows Phone has an App for that!!

Looks like Windows Phone will be getting all exclusive  and not availble app one way or the other till have developers like  Julion Dollon and his wife passionate about the platform and if you are wonder why, then here is the deal, the duo developed app for Klout in just 6 hours. Best part there is no adverts and its free.

Klout App for Windows Phone

Features of Klout App :

  • It connects with your Klout Account and lets you see your Klout Details.
  • See and Share your klout score and topics where you are active.
  • Comes with  2 theme (black/light)
  • See influencers and influencees along with their pictures.
  • Search By Keywords.
  • Auto update your klout score in the tile each day
  • See your favorite topics and ask for +K
  • Open links in IE
  • Pin users to Start Screen
  • See your klout image bu touching your image or anybody else’s image.

Video Demo


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