Use your Windows Phone as a Magnifying Glass with Nokia Pocket Magnifier

Nokia’s Lumia phones are always known for its awesome cameras and now you can use it to good use with the new Nokia Pocket Magnifier app from Nokia. This app is developed by Nokia in collaboration with Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB). With Nokia Pocket Magnifier you can use your mobile phone as a magnifier glass. Just pinch or slide for zoom and tap to focus.

Magnifying glassMagnifying glass2Magnifying glass1

For improved experience with the app, you can

  • freeze viewfinder for better viewing and view saved images in a gallery
  • Use flashlight and different filters

The app also comes with filters and auto enhance options for better reading. You can turn on or off the filters and then is also option to zoom into the required size for reading. The app is exclusive for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

About Nirmal

Nirmal is a big fan of Windows phone ever since it was released. He started off with Nokia Lumia 800 and then got the Lumia 920. Presently he owns the Lumia 730 and Lumia 930.