UTS Indian Railways App Now Supports Paperless Tickets & Kolkata

Indian Railways recently introduced Paperless Tickets, which allows any person having a mobile and internet on it to use it as a ticket when asked by TTE. Particularly useful when you either have forgotten to get a ticket in a hurry or have left it back at home. This feature is now implemented in their official app “UTS” for all the platforms.

UTS app is only for commuters who travel daily by train and opt for Season tickets. This is not applicable for tickets booked via IRCTC.

UTS Indian Railways App Now Supports Paperless Tickets & Kolkata

New Features on UTS App:

  • The paperless ticket has been enabled in Chennai and Mumbai suburban section and Delhi. Now it’s implemented in KOLKATA. With the feature of Paperless Journey, Season and Platform Tickets are introduced.
  • In addition to that, now the ‘Change Handset’ feature is introduced, which is used to Change passenger old handset to a new one, and active Season Ticket will be transferred from old handset to new one.
  • Using the ‘show ticket’ feature, the ticket can be showed to the TTE(Travelling Ticket Examiner) or TC. Off-line mode is available to show the paperless ticket if the Internet connection is not available on the mobile.

The app uses R-wallet, a virtual wallet by Railways, and you will need to transfer money to it to buy tickets. You can recharge your R-Wallet at the UTS counters available in the Suburban Railway Stations or through the website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in). In R-Wallet recharge through the website, there will be extra PG charges plus service tax. The service tax is applicable as per the extant policy, Govt. of India.

Those who only want to use it for platform tickets will still have to go through an initial registration process, which will ask for your regular route like it asks for anybody who travels on the train every day. Once done, you will get the password, and then you can log in to get access to booking platform tickets.  If you have access to a debit card or internet banking, I suggest you recharge it first hand.

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