Video : Add Custom Live Tiles to Windows Phone Start Screen

If you had always wished to add some live tiles on Windows Phone Start Screen with custom message, Sticky Tiles which is equivalent of Sticky Notes for Windows is a perfect free app for you to download.

As Start Screen is the first thing we see on our windows phone, you must have wanted to have a reminder note with some information there. This app needs Windows Phone Mango Update ( 7.5 + ) or more. Check for Video at the end.

Sticky Tiles Features :

  • Create Live Tiles and Pin to Start Screen.
  • Choose your custom color for both back and front part of tile. If you know, Live Tiles have both front and back part to display information.
  • Back part of tile is optional.
  • Add your own custom message to both part of tiles.
  • To remove all you need is to long press and unpin it.

Sticky Notes : Create Live Tiles on Windows Phone

How you can use Live Tiles :

  • When you want to add a number and contact name while taking a call and put it on start screen to dial-up quickly.
  • Crate Mini shopping list
  • Add Word in front and Meaning in back.
  • To do Items and unpin when you are done.

Drawback of Sticky Tiles :

  • Does not allow you to edit a live tile once you have pinned to start screen It now allows you to edit an existing tile..
  • You cannot maintain a list of Tiles you have created so it can be reused.
  • You cannot choose font and select bigger size

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