Video : Background Timer / Stopwatch app for Windows Phone

Supertimer is a Timer + Stopwatch + Alarm App that can run in background making it easy for you to use it even when your phone is locked or you are using some other app like Game etc. It makes use the of the Mango Multitasking Update feature.

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Feature List :

  • You can set a timer and then schedule an alarm so you get notified when you are on your start screen. However if the time is set for very less time like 4 or 5 seconds, it will not run in background which is due to system limitations and it will be cancelled if you open the alarm before it goes off.
  • Stopwatch has unlimited laps but when you hit clear anytime it clears all the lap records. It would have been favorable if the last record was kept.
  • Both Timer and stopwatch can run in parallel
  • Runs under lock screen but when you check this, it will restart the app so it can make use of Windows Phone background system.
  • Alarm settings can be set to Sound or Vibration. For Vibration you can set length between 1 to 4 seconds.
  • Add a custom message for the alarm.

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