Video : Curling3D Game Available for Windows Phone

Curling 3D is a popular iOS game based on the actual game which  is a real sport where players slide stones towards each other across a sheet of ice and goal is to reach a target area which is at one end. The game is a mix of  bowls, boule and shuffleboard. You can read more about this on Wikipedia

So coming back to topic, this game was already there on iTunes and As Mobility Digest Report, It’s now available in Windows Phone Market. This is a 3D Game but I wasn’t much impressed specially after seeing Armed Game it will need to improve more though lot of 3D might not be required.

Features :

  • High Resolution 3D View
  • You can not only control  force and direction of the stone but also the rotation.
  • The advance features of this game lets you use the actual real life game tactics. You will know this if you know about the game or played it along.
  • Multi-player i.e. Computer or Two Players turn by turn
  • Choose from 12 countries for teams

The sad part is that there is no trial version of the app as of now so you can try to see how it goes, I hope it to come in future and feature which is missing is playing the game having two windows phone side by side which is there with iOS.

Experience with the Game :

Game is pretty smooth and its mango supported so resuming back is not an issue. The only tricky part is when you need to direct stone to the goal and it takes a bit of time to learn.

Screenshot :

[minigallery id=”2216″ style=”box border box_white”]

Video Review

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