Video Demo : Nokia X’s Swype / Gesture based Keyboard

This came as a big surprise to me. Why ? I have been to MWC 2014 at Nokia booth and nobody talked about it. I know so many people do have the Nokia X, but nobody seemed to have figured out its existence. Best part, Nokia is yet to feature this inbuilt swipe keyboard which is probably the best feature of the phone. You don’t need an app, it just works out of the box. Even impressive–it allows you cut, copy, paste, select, switch to number pad, punctuations–all by just swiping!!

Video Demo:

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The default keyboard set on Nokia X is the Nokia Keyboard which supports gestures. If you want to take a look on what it can do, go to settings > Language and Input > Nokia Keyboard (Settings) > Gestures.  Here is the screenshot followed by all the details:

Nokia X Keyboard Gestures

Edit Documents with Edit Keyboard:

This feature enables big buttons which allows you to navigate up, down, left and right in a big document. That’s ok but when you hit the button in the middle with the capital T, it becomes a mass selector. Very useful for selecting bunch of paragraphs and easier than native Android way of doing it.

Nokia X Editors Keyboard

Number Pad:

If you are working on excel sheet or a web page where you need to use more of numbers, switch to number keyboard by tracing from settings icon to alphabet which as 5 on top.

Nokia X NUmber Keyboard

Select, Cut Copy and Paste:

Nokia X keyboard makes it lot easy to select a word and do the editing operations. Just swipe from settings icon to alphabet a and the text gets selected. Next settings + C, +X or +V does the usual job.

Change case of a word

While most of the time your keyboard will capitalize the first alphabet at the start or for a new sentence, if you want to capitalize all of them, reediting is the only choice.  When using swipe, you can do that by tracing from settings key to shift key. When you do that, you get option to de-capitalize, capitalize all the alphabets or just one which it starts with.

Nokia X Captalize All Word

Punctuation Geeks:

Swipe from alphabet which has punctuation to space bar and it prints it. Easier than hitting the shift key and then selecting it.

Hate Automatic Spacing ? Bypass it.

This can be done by tracing from space key to back key. That’s logical but you don’t realize it most of the time.

Hide the Keyboard:

Though the back key does the job but if you want to follow the swipe way, swipe from settings icon to backspace and your keyboard vanishes. Useful if it’s in your way when reading a document.

This covers most of the tricks but there are a few more. I will share that in my next video where I will talk about it in detail. Till then start using gesture on your keyboard!!