Video : Edit Xbox Live Avatar from Windows Phone

Windows Phone Mango update now has got 3D avatar right on your Xbox Live Tile. This not only has made the avatar interactive but also allows you to update or Edit your Xbox Live Gamertag Avatar from Windows Phone if you are connected to internet.

The app is named as Xbox LIVE Extras and with this you get Three Sections

  • Change My Style
  • Change My Features
  • Marketplace.

Using Change My Style you can  change Headwear, Tops, Dress, Accessories, Bottoms, Shoes, Props and see awards on Windows Phone.

Using Change My features you can edit looks of your Avatar. You can change eyes & Noes, Hairstyle, Ears, Nose, Chin & Mouth, Face, Body Size and Colour.

Marketplace lets you access the recent accessories, game styles, wallpapers, popular stuff extra right on your phone.

What You will love to use the app :

When it comes to editing an avatar either you can use the controller or if you have kinect you can use that but both ways are pain taking because it takes time to switch between stuff and so on.

But with this Avatar editor on your phone it becomes very easy as you can just tap and switch and press back to navigate which is way faster. You also get to hear the Xbox sound when switching screens.

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Interactive Avatar :

You can play around with the avatar if you are getting bored. It waves hi, claps around, jump, yawns and shows lot of custom stuff.  Also I have seen that if you do not interact with him keeping the Xbox Live Open, it quietly runs away only to come back when you tap.

Troubleshooting :

I have heard that some people are complaining that their Avatar is not reflecting the changes or sometimes even now showing up. I had the same problem because of very slow connection and this only happened once but then after the avatar was displayed instantly as the avatar is cached.

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