Video : Kinect Sports 2 Review ( Demo Version)

As promised I am done with the Initial review of Kinect Sports 2 ( Season two ) that was released yesterday and is coming soon as the pre-orders are already up. This is an initial review and we will come with detailed review when the game is released.

Update : Check Out Full Game Review ( Includes Comparison with Sports 1 )

What is in the Demo Version ?

  • Two games : Tennis and Golf.
  • How much you can play : Any number of time.
  • How many games ? : One each and they are petty basic.
  • Anybody else apart from Rare ? Yes  Big Park has joined in. Also I see Samsung in the games wherever TV is seen.
  • How is the game ? heh Pretty Awesome.

Overall Review of Kinect Sports Season 2

Overall its a much improved version of Kinect Sports Season One

  • When it comes to graphics which is much smooth and background music will keep you up with the game.
  • There are real human being now in the tutorials instead of symbolic characters. This makes it much real life.
  • Lot of small improvements like when it comes to holding a racket or a golf you do it much quicker here than before. For example in Golf you don’t need to grab the golf club by raising your hand but get into the position of hitting and it appears.
  • When it comes to recording now there is a Big gray Symbol which attracts more attention to get you in  recording  mode.
  • Section which shows recorded video of your gameplay has got a makeover.

Kinect Sports 2  Tennis Experience :

Video : ( Watch on YouTube )

Game Play :

  • For first time player it will take getting used to the long racket, specially for Table Tennis player because here you cannot move back and forth but run across a  line with limited movement towards the net.
  • You need to be very accurate when it comes to hitting the ball as you need to swing and then aim to left or right.
  • When hitting the ball over the net if you hit to strong the ball will get off the court. So make sure you know how much power you are spending on it.
  • It follows most of the rules of tennis for example if you feel that the ball was just in the court but was alarmed to be outside, you can raise your hands for a Third Eye Decision. You also get hinted for these kind of situations.

The Environment :

  • You now has Smash Court instead of Flame Stadium And  Tennis specially gives you a full view of the stadium. You will notice this in replays or the final winning moment.
  • Audience response is awesome, much much better than Season One.

Kinect Sports 2 : Golf  Experience

Play it Slow and Play it Nice that what I feel about it. Golf is already knows as Game of richest and with Kinect you will actually feel like that.

Video : ( Watch on YouTube )

Game Play :

  • The wide view of greenery and the audience here are one of the major factor you would love to play. The Game when it starts and you get in and greeted by such a lively crowd instantly pulls you in to action.
  • The game follows all the rules of the Golf and if you are already played it on your PC before you should be knowing most of the stuff.
  • Aiming is made easy with by using a White Line which paths to your hit direction. Make sure the path is thick white before you hit.
  • You can change the Golf Clubs by raising hands though most of the time it automatically changes.
  • You get to know lot what to do next in commentary. They hint you how hard you should hit and what conditions like wind you should take care of.

Screenshots of Kinect Sports Season Two

[minigallery id=”670″ style=”box border box_white”]

So overall both of the games are pretty awesome and for me Kinect Sports Season two is a must have game which I cam going to buy as soon as they hit the market. So a detailed review will up for all of them. You can Preorder from Amazon

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