Video : Windows Phone Companion app controls Xbox

Xbox will be your next TV which is announcement already made but before you read more details on that,  let us meet the new remote controller, Companion App for Windows Phone which will allows you to control your Xbox to an extent like finding a movie and then playing it on your xbox or even playing Xbox live games while your friends play Kinect Games.

Windows Phone Companion App


Using this app you will be able to control xbox using the special controller app that allows Windows Phone to see the same dashboard that you see on Xbox Via TV. So you can navigate the Xbox dashboard or control video and music playback.

Windows Phone Controlling Xbox :

This app will help you find stuff on Xbox, specially because Xbox will stream TV, Music, Live Shows etc. So instead of using the boring controller you can use Windows Phone. This is particularly useful if you do not  have Kinect and cannot use gestures.

In this video you can see how the girl pulls out her windows phone and then finds movies, shows it to his friends and plays the movie right from there.

Video of XBox Live Game with Kinect Sports :

This was demoed long time back where it was shown how one holding a Windows Phone can play along with a friend who is playing Kinect Game.

Learning More while the Movie is on :

In case some of your fiends drop in and want to know what the movies is about, learn about casting etc, you need not to pause the movie but give your windows phone and ask them to see. Infact they can extend their experience by looking at related stuff right there.

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