Vinci is a Powerful “Prisma” like Photography App for Windows 10 Mobile

While Prisma has taken over all the Photographic Apps on Android & iOS App, and its App for Windows 10 is still in the works, we have an app that strongly competes with Prisma–Vinci. It’s a powerful photographic app that transforms your photos into super artistic artwork, which will jaw drop even the best artists in the world. Well yeah!

So is Vinci exclusive to Prisma? The sweet answer is no. The app has its share of success on iOS and Android platforms and is definitely headed to success in the ever-shrinking Windows 10 Mobile market. So yeah, to those who are still missing the Prisma app, it’s time to give Vinci a try!

Vinci App for Windows 10 MobileJPG

Once you launch the app, the user interface is pretty simple. It comes with its own camera viewfinder with flash control, switch option between front and rear, and tap to take picture button.  If you already have a picture clicked, you can use the “Choose from Gallery” option. When you select an image, you can zoom in and out to take the best part of the picture.  Everything is in 1:1 format.

Once you are done selecting an image, the next obvious step is to select one of the artistic filters. Here is the list of what you get:

  • Sunny
  • Suicide: A creepy name, to be honest, but it’s colorful.
  • Poster: A special crayon work.
  • Mystic: it’s a kind of smoothie.
  • Fabric: Yup, time to reel those threads.
  • Berlin
  • Harvest: It Berlin with color pop-ups
  • Delaunay: This is a little sad
  • Kandinsky
  • Pin-up
  • Milk
  • Prisma: Oh, you get the humor.
  • Fire:  This is to put everything on fire.
  • Jesus
  • Annenkov
  • 42
  • Modern
  • Girl
  • Malevich

You will be able to share those artworks of yours using the standard sharing option of Windows 10 Mobile and save them in your picture gallery.  That said, the artworks are pretty impressive, and if you are looking at which is the best one, then it totally depends on pictures because it’s ultimately algorithm-based. So you will have to end up trying all of them to find your taste.

Download from Microsoft Store

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