vNESLight lets you play Nintendo Games on Windows Phone

Recently there was lot of drama that happened when couple of Nintendo Games were released in Windows Phone Market place but now this is coming in a legal way in the form of emulator. vNESLight is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator which allows you to add ROM to it and they play the game.  As of now it comes along with two freeware demo, Battle Kid 2 and Super Bat Puncher games, which keeps you off from any piracy issue.

Nintendo Games on Windows Phone

The games are played using the inbuilt joystick and does not uses any feature of  Windows Phone. It has the same old style A B Start etc buttons that you need to make use of.

Features of the emulator :

    • Add your own roms  from the web which can be in Zip format or single roms. The roms can be deleted also if you are running out of space.
    • When adding a rom,  you need to give a direct URL of the files and make sure there is no redirect happening in between.
    • It can save your game states.
    • You can pin any of the games to your start screen.
    • FPS is 60
    • Full Scree Mode.
    • Option to Restore Demo games
    • Configure Frameskip
    • Speed Hack
    • Fixed Step

Overall its good for getting there urge of playing those old style games on Windows Phone but I found that unless you are used to it will be difficult for you play because the controls get one inch inside the screen and you might be blocking 30 percent of the screen with your thumb.

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The App is available in Windows Phone market place which you can download from here and it gets installed in your Game Center.

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