Wake Up your PC using Cortana–Voice Wake

We just posted about Cortana playing music over Raspberry Pi Home server and here is something for those feel a bit more geeky….Ask Cortana to wake your PC..and soon you will be able to make it location aware or even schedule it. This app works with Windows Phone 8.1 obviously.

Wakeup PC using Cortana

Dev LaikaGlove developed an app which uses Wake On Lan feature to ping your PC and tell it to get up and running and this feature been there since we might have started using the PC. Even then it’s a hardware feature and needs to have Wake On Lan in your motherboard. So make sure to hit F1 and check for it before you pay for the in-App purchase. Below is a video demo:

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Right now all you need to do is say “Cortana Wake Office”, if Office is your PC name. A ping is sent to you PC over WIFI and it should get it done.

Features of Voice Wake Coming in Paid Version:

in-App Purchase (coming soon)

  • Location based wake – Tell Cortana to wake your PC when you arrive at a specific location.
    • Cortana wake computer when I get home
  • Scheduled wake – Tell Cortana to wake your PC at a specific time.
    • Cortana schedule computer to wake up tomorrow at 11 am
    • Cortana schedule computer to wake up on May 12th at 7:00 am

We all know the scheduling in Windows Phone 8.1 isn’t instant, so the scheduler could be off the mark by 15 min of not more. So schedule it accordingly.

That said, why not asked for something extra. How about shutdown, restart or even sleep. The possibility is endless and if it can be cloud enabled, talk about starting your Office PC from home. Well just an idea. So here you go and try the app. It could be glitchy, networks you know.

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