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What Are Optional Updates in Windows? Shoud You Install it?

Windows receives many different types of updates from time to time. The primary one is Windows Update which features bug fixes, modifications, and software additions. Windows Update is mandatory for your Windows to install. However, apart from this, there are also Optional Updates. This post will share what optional updates are in Windows and how important they are for Windows.

What Are Optional Updates

What Are Optional Updates in Windows?

As the name suggests, Optional Updates are the secondary updates for your Windows PC. These updates are not critical or essential for the performance and security of your computer. According to Microsoft, Updates classified as optional are updates that do not need to be installed immediately or that only you can decide to install.

These updates are typically recommended for users who want to improve their Windows experience by fixing bugs, improving performance, or adding new features.

But still, these updates are good to have. They often come with new features, bug fixes, and driver updates that are not essentially related to the stability or security of your Windows system.

Where to Find & Install Optional Updates in Windows?

You can view the available Optional Updates in Windows by going to the settings. Here is how:

  • Press Windows Key + I to launch Windows Settings.
  • Go to Windows Update from the sidebar.
  • Click on Advanced options.
  • Over here, click on Optional updates.

  • Now Windows will check and display all the available updates.
  • Simply select the updates you want to download and install.

As you can notice, it clearly says that if you have a specific problem, one of these drivers might help. So the solution may not always be for you, but for those who have reported a problem.

Also, if no Optional Updates are available, you will see a message saying There are no optional updates available at this time.

Should You Install Optional Updates?

As mentioned earlier, Optional Updates are not mandatory. You have the option not to install optional Windows updates. Or select a few optional updates for your PC.

To decide whether to install it, consider whether you have problems with your PC. If you are not having problems with your PC, you can choose not to update.

One of the essential elements of optional updates is its Driver updates. As you already know to make your system run smoother, you must keep Windows drivers up to date. And this is where Optional Updates can help you out. But again, if you do not have issues, you can skip.


So that was all about Optional Updates in Windows. After installing Optional Updates, if you face any driver-related issues, roll back the driver to fix the problem. Also, for any other questions, you can feel free to comment below.

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