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What are the Top Five Cryptocurrencies?

Nowadays, many people are investing in cryptocurrencies. The market growth in this age is huge and would grow even more with each passing day. However, knowing where and what to invest in might be a minor challenge. Your decision should be wise, and you should be able to take the risk.

Knowing about their future and their background is vitally important. So, here is the list of the top five cryptocurrencies.

What are the Top Five Cryptocurrencies?

Top Five Cryptocurrencies
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1] Bitcoin or BTC

This term may also be the only name that comes to your mind when you think of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution is the oldest and with the largest network all over the globe in terms of cryptocurrencies.

However, Rome was not built in one day and nor this cryptocurrency. It is from the year 2009, and the creator’s name is Satoshi Nakamoto. As years passed, this cryptocurrency gained popularity from investors and people in the financial field, such as traders and banks.

Right now, the value of 1 bitcoin is 52,711.40 USD dollars.

If you have trouble understanding the concept of blockchain, then let us take a quick example. Suppose there are four people, A, B, C, and D. B gave 1 bitcoin to A, and so did C and D. Each of the transactions is saved as a block. Like when B sends 1 bitcoin to A, then that transaction is saved as a block. And the same concept would go for all the transactions.

2] Ether or ETH

This cryptocurrency gained its popularity in the year of 2017. Ethereum blockchain is quite popular in the modern world. Through years of popularity, it became a go-to option when it comes to cryptocurrency.

All the Ethereum applications and powers are originally built by the ether, making the Ethereum network.

Right now, 1 ether is equal to the amount of 2,448.84 USD dollars.

3] Ripple or XRP

This cryptocurrency came into being in the year 2012. Later the years, just like any other cryptocurrency, it gained popularity over the years.

All the transactions can be done through the Ripple platform, and XRP over the years became a tremendous asset to investors, traders, and people in the market.

The market is constantly changing, as every second it is going up or down. One may have an eye for a tiger over the market when he or she is investing in cryptocurrencies.

4] Polkadot or DOT

The initial coin offering was made in October 2017 with about 140 million dollars profit.

This cryptocurrency was finally launched on May 26, 2020, as a Proof of PoA (Proof of Authority Network). The market is constantly changing. Keep a lookout for that.

5] Cardano or CTA

The ex-co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hokinson, started developing this cryptocurrency in the year of 2015 and finally launched the platform in 2017.

Over the years, it has strived as a great place for traders and investors as an asset. Look into the market for this cryptocurrency.

Some extra points that would benefit you

  • New token currency NFTs have taken all over the business world. Right now, digital artists and various kinds of artists are given a tremendous opportunity to make a living out of their passion. It can be anything. Let the market decide if it’s good. To see some examples, check out https://opensea.io/. You will get the fundamental concept.
  • Cryptocurrencies are like gold in digital form. The major difference is, there is never a problem while transferring the value.
  • Many people do not know about its mind-blowing and revolutionary aspects. Having in-depth knowledge is the best thing you could do.

What are your final thoughts?

This new way of currency is revolutionary and not much adapted. The first thing you should do is to learn more about them. Knowledge is always the key in every situation.

This is the list of top 5 cryptocurrencies, let us know your thoughts and opinions on this matter! Was it interesting to read? If yes, share our article.

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