What is Skype Video App on Windows 10 Mobile

Long awaited, Skype is finally integrated into Windows 10 Mobile. When you first setup or upgrade, and see a Skype Video App along with the Skype App, don’t be surprised. There are two places where the integration has taken place.

Skype Video App Windows 10 Mobile

First is in the Messaging app, which Microsoft wants to turn into a universal messaging app for all Windows 10 devices. All the chat that you do over Skype App is visible though the messaging app. You an also reply, and carry on the conversation without laughing the Skype App again, ever. This is like Facebook Message integration we saw in Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 7.

  • Open Messaging App.
  • Tap on the Menu Bar, and select Skype Settings. You may have to sign-in, if this is the first time you are doing it.
  • In the Skype Settings, scroll down till you find Notifications. Turn on Instant Messages and Incoming Calls.

Skype Video App Settings 1Skype Video App Settings 2

Next, open the Messaging App, and you will see all your Skype messages here. Since all the Skype contacts have a number, you can carry on the conversation over text message, by selecting the drop down on top right which says “Send on: Skype” to any of the SIM.

Skype Video Messageing Chat

Using this app, you can also start a Skype video call instantly. Just open one of the Skype messages, and an option to make a video call is right at the bottom.

Second is the Skype Video Call. Using this app, Windows 10 Mobile aims to bring back the native “3G Video Calling” that was available with some of the Nokia handsets.  While in the background it uses Skype, the looks are different.

Skype Video App Settings 3Skype Video App Settings 4

When you open the Skype Video, there is a preview from the front facing camera, and the recent call history. If you tap on any of them, it will launch the Skype Video call. You can also pick contacts from Suggested Contacts, Phonebook, and using Add Contacts.  The later lets you search for a contact, and send a request to add them.

Skype integration still need polishing, and few more feature addition, but this is going in right direction. We hope to see a major update in coming future which can integrate attaching files, audio recording and so on.

Ashish Mohta
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