Features of Cortana in Windows 10

Microsoft has released the latest update to its desktop operating system. The Windows 10 May 2019 update has already rolled out to the users globally. This new update is a major one with several new features and improvements. The company has addressed several common reported issues of the operating system and released a more refined version of Windows 10 with more new features. The most significant changes include the latest improvements in their digital assistant – Cortana.

Cortana could handle voice commands, set events and reminders, and many other tasks. The Cortana assistant was previously integrated with the Windows Search since its introduction. When we click on the search, the Cortana application will great you with its capabilities and features. However, things have changed with the Windows 10 v1903/May 2019 update. Check out the updated features and useful old features of Cortana app on Windows 10:

This article will cover all the features, tips and tricks you get in Cortana once upgraded to Windows 10 latest Update. Have a look!

Features of Cortana in Windows 10

We have also included features which have been removed and added after the recent update.

  1. Set your New PC Using Cortana Voice Commands
  2. A New Music Experience
  3. Continue Where You Left Off Using Cortana
  4. Control Device by Your Speech
  5. Additional Minor Upgrades
  6. Other Useful Features
  7. Standalone Cortana App
  8. Removed news feed from Cortana
  9. Removed Forecast and agenda, etc.
  10. Voice only Interaction in the Cortana app
  11. Cortana Commands in Windows Search

1. Set your New PC Using Cortana Voice Commands

Features of Cortana in Windows 10

This feature is the new out-of-box-experience (OOBE). It authorizes Cortana to assist in setting up your computer for the first time.

Starting with the Creators Update, setting up a new device has never been easier as Cortana will be there to guide you every step, even with voice commands.

In this new experience, Cortana will clarify each progression and ask you just “yes” or “no” inquiries to choose the correct alternative on each screen. In case you’re not precisely beyond any doubt about something, you can use ordinary dialect to ask Cortana any question. It will enable people to appreciate the upsides of present-day innovation adequately. Non-techy people will discover this part exceptionally strong and straightforward to take over.

2. A New Music Experience

You can now use Cortana to control music playback on a more significant amount of your most loved music applications (EN-US only). What’s more, Groove now underpins the capacity to play music by disposition, class or action so you can state, “Hello Cortana, play me some exercise music.” You can receive the benefits of hours conceptualizing in only minor seconds by voice charge. They also have additionally empowered usual dialect similarity for iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. It will work both on the lock screen (PC is locked) and underneath! You can attempt questions. Here are some e.g.

  • Play
    • Eminem on iHeartRadio
    • This week’s chart-toppers on iHeartRadio
    • BBC Hourly News on TuneIn
    • Blues music on TuneIn

Note: This feature may not be available in all the regions. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, you’ll get it soon.

3. Continue Where You Left Off Using Cortana

Left off reading something important? No worries. With the new and upgraded Cortana, you can now quickly get back to what you were reading on any different device. Maybe the most standout among the energizing augmentations in Cortana is the capacity to switch gadgets and have the ability to continue certain errands you were chipping away at another PC.

The part is known as “Pick up where I left off” and very similar to Apple’s “Handoff.” You can now begin chipping away at an application, Office (or SharePoint) archive, or site utilizing Microsoft Edge on one gadget, and afterward, get where you left off on another PC insofar as you’re using the same Microsoft account on both devices.

For Example:

Let’s suppose you’re out and about and you began perusing an article on champions league football utilizing Microsoft Edge on your tablet. Now when you arrive home, and when you open Action Center, Cortana will have the connection prepared to continue the article. It settles the irritation of having to re-open pages and material to resume what you were doing on your other gadget.

Enabling this feature is very simple. Just follow the below path:

Cortana > Notebook > Pick up where I left off, and turn on the toggle in front Help me pick up where I left off feature. That’s it you are done.

Note: This feature is available only in the United States as of now.

Features of Cortana in Windows 10

4. Control Device by Your Speech

Another fun feature included in this update gives Cortana the power to listen to your voice commands. Some ways you can utilize this update are presented in detail as:

  • Full screen when Idle

In this new colossal update, Cortana introduced a full-screen experience above the Lock screen. You can use to ask questions or create reminders without having to unlock your PC. By simply saying “Hey Cortana” while your PC is unlocked and idle, you’ll get full-screen experience. The best part is that it is easily visible from a distance.  You may have to wait for 10 seconds after you say, “Hey, Cortana.”

To enable “Hey Cortana,” click on Cortana > Settings and turn on the toggle in front of Hey Cortana and select Respond when anyone says “Hey Cortana” option

  • Improvements in Reminders

This feature was already available in earlier versions of Cortana. What has changed is now you can set recurring events for a given time and place. This update is significant for people with a hazy memory or people who tend to forget things. You can try this feature by saying or typing something like ‘ remind me to take the trash out every Thursday’ or for the forgetful husband ‘ remind me that our anniversary is on the 5th of June’ or something like that. If you need to change the recurrence, click the current schedule and set it to recur on another day.

5. Additional Minor Upgrades

  • By pressing Windows key + C, you can open Cortana in listening mode. It is a new keyboard shortcut newly introduced.
  • There’s an all-new option of SafeSearch in the Settings tab that people can use to restrict access to unwanted sites. The levels of this ‘Safe search’ vary from Low, Medium, and Strong. It can be beneficial for parents to keep their children away from specific contents they shouldn’t be looking.

Features of Cortana in Windows 10

6. Other Useful Features

  • Other minor changes incorporate a refreshed Cortana search box microphone symbol. It’s a similar symbol you’ll see on Cortana across devices.
  • When searching, as you are typing the name of an app or a file, the search box will automatically try to complete the search query. It will try to predict your text, a useful feature for those unfamiliar with the keyboard.

Features of Cortana in Windows 10



7] Standalone Cortana App

As mentioned above, Cortana is now available as a separate app. It got separated from the Windows search feature and worked separately. There are a considerable number of Windows users who are not interested in the Cortana virtual assistant and wish to opt out. However, the combined search feature in the Windows 10 didn’t let them avoid the Cortana altogether. Understanding this, Microsoft separated the Cortana an Windows Search for the best user experience.

The company updated the search interface with some more improvements.  The search window now includes top-used apps, recent activities, and files, with options to filter by apps, documents, email, and web results. Still, the search tool in Windows 10 is annoying and hated by Windows users. At the same time, some people are complaining about Search and Cortana splitting.

8] Removed news feed from Cortana

Cortana gets another improvement inside its interface. With the last few Windows updates, Microsoft pulled off the Newsfeed feature of the Cortana application. Instead, they made the Cortana application a very basic looking virtual assistant app. Microsoft claims that it avoids unnecessary clutter inside the app’s interface. Same as the above, some users find it horrible, some see it as a significant improvement. You can no longer read personalized news directly in your Cortana app. However, we feel like the Cortana has just become like a button to interact with your computer.


9] Removed Forecast and agenda, etc.

Microsoft has removed some of the best tools of the Cortana app, which includes weather forecast update, upcoming events, agenda, etc. You can no longer see these features inside your Cortana app in Windows 10. The company aims to remove unnecessary elements to save space and improve user experience. However, this change was not accepted by any of the Windows users. Because these features were highly useful and productive for everyone.

10] Voice only Interaction in the Cortana app

Voice only cortana

If you didn’t notice, Cortana has just become a voice-only digital assistant. With the latest update, you can no longer interact with your virtual assistant used typed commands. You will always have to use voice commands to do the assistant work for you. Useful with the May update, the Cortana button in the taskbar prompts the voice listening only. There is no user interface for you to interact.

11] Cortana Commands in Windows Search

Microsoft has made a mistake by spitting the Cortana and Windows Search. The Cortana application lost its text command support, while the standalone search app gets the Cortana text command integration. Pretty confusing, right? Well, the company claims that it improves the user experience.

standalone search app

If you type in “Turn off the lights” in the Windows Search app, the Cortana will pop-up instantly to continue the conversation and to execute that particular task. Some users find it as really confusing and a mistake.

These are the noticeable changes in the latest update of the Windows operating system. You will see these changes as soon as you update your order to the Windows 10 May 1903 version. You like it or not; these changes are going to stay here. What’s your opinion about these new changes to the Cortana app in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments.

Final Words

Overall the updated version of Cortana is elementary and elegant. It allows users to easily connect to leading technology and do the task quickly as compared to before. Non- tech users should find this update very useful as it is just the same as having a human assistant. Although in this new version of Windows 10, Cortana brings new exciting features, Microsoft seems to have cut off some of the improvements initially planned for the assistant.

Nonetheless, the updated version of Cortana merely is elegant and easy to use. And I hope to see it improve further. Did you try any of the Features of Cortana in Windows 10? How is it working for you?

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