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Whats New in Edge Browser After Windows 10 Creators Update

Since its debut in 2015, Microsoft Edge has come a long way. Every update Microsoft releases, Edge gets many new features that make the browser more productive, fast and easy for users. If you are using Windows 10, we are sure you must have upgraded your system to the newest update which Microsoft is calling Windows 10 Creators Update. This update came with many welcome features and we have recently talked about all the new Windows 10 Creators Update features in brief.

With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft Edge browser gets a couple of new features which will ease the job of Edge users to a great length. This article will focus on what are the new features in Microsoft Edge after Windows 10 Creators Update and how you can actually use them.

1. Book Hub Right in your Browser

Windows 10 Creators Update provides Microsoft Edge with a Book Hub, which can now store your books which you have bought from the Windows store or have downloaded online. You also get a quick access button to Windows Store so that you can buy more books for the future read. This feature is available in the US only and roll out to other countries very soon.

The Book Section will allow you to see the cover of the book along with a preview of the same. It also provides you with multiple reading options, one of which is Read-Aloud, where Edge will start reading the book to you.

The reading experience can be customized according to Light, Sepia or Dark. You get a tab at the bottom which allows you to choose from the saved books or you can do it via the table of contents. You are also allowed to change the text size and put bookmarks on the page you are reading so that you can jump directly to it.

2. Set Tabs Aside to Check Later

When it comes to browsing, Creators Update gives a new twist to Microsoft Edge. You can now set your tabs aside for browsing them at a later period of time. In this way, you can free up your tabs for more recent browsing work. “Set Tabs Aside” function comes with Creators Update and allows you to hide your tabs in areas which are not visible on the screen.

This keeps the Edge light and powerful and you can switch back to one of those hidden tabs or an entire session when need be. The feature is very user-friendly and provides you with two new buttons on the left side of the screen, the right button allows you to go back to the hidden tabs and the left one allows you to hide the current tabs. The saved tabs will be in an order of dates saved so that you can access them one by one or by an entire session and close them down in the same manner.

This is a great option for people who are doing research as they can save their tabs of study for later and attend more pressing options right now. The bad news is, this feature can’t be turned off and even if you are not using the features, the buttons will continue to show on your screen.

3. Flash Will Only Play When you Want

With the beginning of Creators Update, Edge will now block all kinds of Flash contents from playing automatically unless you mention that you want them to play. This feature allows added security while browsing because when you open a browser which has a flash component, Edge will provide you with a pop up which you will either allow or deny to play the flash component.

4. Preview of Open Tabs

Edge gets a better preview of the open tabs thanks to the Creators Update. It provides users with a drop-down menu where all the tabs can be previewed at once. So instead of hovering on each tab to get a preview of what is open on it, you can simply use the drop-down menu to get a consolidated preview. The button for the same will be available on the right side of the tabs.

5. Jump Lists

Microsoft Edge gains on a feature of Internet Explorer with Creators Update. Just like its former version, Edge can now open a new window or an InPreview window right from the button on the taskbar. All you have to do is right-click on the icon and you will get the “Jump Lists’ option. Although not as elaborate as its predecessor, it is a start to something new.

6. Purchase Via Microsoft Wallet in Edge Browser

With the help of Creators Update, Edge can now make payments, much like Apple Pay does. If you have your payment info saved on your Edge payment API, you can make your payments on any online purchases via your Microsoft wallet. Wallet will save your payment card details, shipping address along with various shipping options and an email address where the details need to be sent. However, the website you are making the payment to must support Edge’s Web Payment options.

So, these are the updates which come with Edge browser, thanks to Windows 10 Creator Update. Go ahead and enjoy these new Edge features which are bound to ease up your life.

Yogesh Mankani has been a freelance content writer for the last 10 years. His passion for blogging and giving words to his ideas and thoughts made him fall more in love with his profession which he takes very personally.



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