What’s New in Xbox One Achievements & Newly Introduced Challenges

We all love achievements we gain during gameplay. Be it Windows Phone or an Xbox Game or even a PC Game, if there is no achievement to unlock, half of the fun goes away. Since the introduction of them, it’s a great way to show off how better you are doing compared to friends in your list.

So before I begin with details, First the good news, All your Xbox 360 achievements and game scores will be carried over to Xbox One Achievement system. This is great for all those old gamers who been piling the 6 digit scores.

Major Nelson shared some of the major changes rolled out to Achievements for Xbox One. He also shared new feature called as Challenges that will go beyond games and make the Xbox One experience interesting. To my read, this is another interesting feature why you would want to pickup Xbox One compared to PS4.

Xbox One Achievements

What’s new in Achievements:

  • Achievements can not unlock digital artwork, new maps, unlockable characters, and temporary stat boosts.
  • Non Games i.e. Music App or even a TV App like Hulu can use achievements. These achievements can then be used to give away content or sneak peek to what’s new or even renew subscriptions. This way the excitement to get something new extends beyond games. As Microsoft’s obvious plan is to get into living room, these will help.

One thing to note here that achievements you unlock through games contribute to your game score but other than are just way to unlock stuff. They don’t play any role in increasing your game score thus keeping its meaning intact.

What are Challenges:

These are almost like achievements but are time based. So if a game offers challenges you need to finish them within certain timeframe else they are gone.  This makes the scenario very interesting and increase the competition because everybody will not be more after the challenges which unlike achievements can be unlocked during your whole life time.

So do they give boost to game scores ? Sadly No, but they do share similar badges and icons to show off. Now here is an interesting thing about Challenges — If you take part in community event e.g. Weekly challenge where Game publisher wants a million gunshot in 2 days, you get to unlock that too if the community reaches that goal. This is like Swarm Check-in on Foursquare.

Cloud Powered:

Microsoft being promoting the cloud powered Xbox One all the time but what is it doing?  The new Achievement and Challenges system is on the cloud which gives developers and publisher power to add new achievements without you download any new DLC. This is a great way to return gamers back to a level which is already complete and no download required from gamers.

If you would want to read more in-depth detail, I will strongly suggest you to check out post by MajorNelson here

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