WhatsApp Desktop App is coming to Windows Store

When complex programs like Microsoft Office and one of the most cursed application iTunes can make it to Windows Store, there is no reason for developers not to get their apps to the store. The news is that the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is getting its Desktop Application to Windows Store.

This is similar to the Telegram app which is built for X64 and is converted using the Desktop Bridge App. However, that’s not a major point. Microsoft recently announced Windows 10 S, and unless popular apps like these get their apps on the Store, it will not work, just like it did not work for Windows 10 Mobile.

The app mirrors messages from your phone, and lets you send messages to groups, and one to one. You will be able to send PDF files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more from your PC. You should remember that since it mirrors, data cost is applicable. This is important if you are on mobile data.

Spotted by Aaggiornamenti Lumia, the app is still not available to download for everyone, but here are some facts about the app.

  • The application can be downloaded to a Windows 10 PC / tablet updated to Anniversary Update (Build 14316.0 or higher)
  • The download weight is 88.6MB.
  • Converted via Desktop Bridge

I use Xbox One on daily basis for media, and I really hope they can get it into the console, and I would just love it. Since it’s migrated to UWP, that should be possible.

The app is listed in the store but is till not available for download. We will keep you posted when it goes live, and if we find new features in the app.

WhatsApp Desktop
Price: Free


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