WhatsApp “Original Status” Feature to Return as TagLines

I had never complained about any of the updates to WhatsApp, no matter how big it was or even if it did not serve much, but when WhatsApp decided to take away the Status feature from the profile and replace it with Storie like feature which needed an expired every day it literally **** me off. I am glad that I am not alone in this.

I also realized that this status thing, even though a very small feature, had a lot of emotional attachment for many. It kind of reflects what people thought, maybe every day, or something that they always wanted to say. Not to forget that a lot of you loved to have emojis and “Typing…” status messages there.

Now here is a bit of good news. Looks like WhatsApp had realized that had put their foot in the wrong place. The Status feature is expected to come back as “TagLines” which will serve the same purpose of the status and will show up when you search for that person in your WhatsApp.

Twitter user, WABetaInfo, has posted a couple of screenshots which indicates the return of the permanent status messages in form of Taglines. It was been spotted first on iOS and Windows Phone version as well.

I haven’t tried the new Status feature on WhatsApp till now, while it does look interesting, but probably it’s not for me. Putting up something in form of image or video every day or probably when I find interesting that on WhatsApp, is not for me on daily basis, but then I might do it when I am traveling, and have something to share.



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